Thursday, 26 July 2012

I'm In A Tight Spot...

Dear Bryssling reader, If you are reading this message, that means I have failed to revive my computer from its dead state. As such, Bryssling is on hiatus until it is fixed. If I can't recover my files, I fear for the Vietnam Pokemon LP. I shall return at some point. Damn, the iPhone really wasn't built for this...

EDIT: OK, so I managed to get myself a bootable Ubuntu USB drive. Using it, I've managed to pull everything of importance off my hard drive (so I didn't kill Annan for good, boo!). This means I should be able to blog again, albeit in a reduced state (definitely no LPs and maybe no hobby content).

I should be able to put together a Weekend Silliness post for now. I'll see you at some point next week with something more substantial. Perhaps.

Oh, and my Ubuntu musings... I hate it, simply because there is hardly any help available to you unless you want to dabble in command lines. Which I'd rather avoid, thanks. It'll do as a last ditch backup.

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