Bryss' Summer Backlog, Plus Finished Xenos Inquisitor

 Does it look big? That's because it is. The list stands at:

  • Illuminor Szeras (done the metal)
  • 4 Tomb Blade Classics (done the metal on one of them)
  • 10 Death Cultists
  • 2 XV15 Stealth Suits (not even primed, lol)
  • 2 Chaos Sorcerors
  • 1 Chaos Lord
  • 12 Plague Marines
  • 5 Chaos Space Marines
  • 2 Thousand Sons
  • 5 Raptors
  • 1 Predator

Yeah, no more new stuff for me until the 6th box comes out. There's also this:

Technically he's a Veteran Sergeant with power sword and hand flamer. But he's going to be a car dangler in a bright orange Range Rover. Once I make him more bright orange. The Latin reads "Mount Vesuvius," as the colour of the Rangie was given in the brochure as Vesuvius Orange.

But hey, it's not all bad news. I finished two models:

The Ghoul

 As a small child, the Ghoul witnessed the delusional maniac Varan Oclis ravage a hab-block of innocent people that he thought were heretics. However, Oclis spared him. Taking 'pity' on him, Oclis took him in and raised him on a careful cocktail of hypno-doctrination and frenzon. Now, devoid of all free will, the Ghoul is Oclis' most dreadful bodyguard.

The Ghoul is an Eversor Assassin, if you haven't guessed. That means I have a Cally, a Vindy and an Evvy. Now all I need is a Lexy to complete the set.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Steele

Finally got this guy done. I'm fairly satisfied with the outcome.

Anyway, another Viet Crystal is prepared for Saturday.