Bryss' Musings #3

I finally got my header pic for this series!
I'm finally writing the third in my series of opinion pieces. And this one even has a picture of my slimy hooded visage. Sort of. Note: I'm not actually horribly disfigured, just not very photogenic. Therefore, just imagine me as the Phantom of the Blogpera. On with the show!

#1: Cosmic Retcons: I've deleted every article regarding Kill Team Four. This is because I've chosen to abandon the project, so I can use the original rules I wrote in the Disciples or something else. Rest assured, I do still plan on reviving the RulesMan section of this blog, just not with that.

#2: RulesMan articles: I'm planning on adding the links to the Atrotos articles and other articles to the RulesMan article page at some point. I also need to write a sequel to the Artillery article in light of the drastic changes made to that unit type. I really want to do more RulesMan work, I do, it's just I need to find time again. Those articles were far more professionally written than most of the Bryssling work, and therefore take more time. I just need to put hours in at the writing desk.

Oh, and you may be wondering why there hasn't been a Top Bryss on Sixth Edition. There will be one, but you'll have to wait for it. It may be as late as October, it all depends on how fast I get to know it. And there will be a Top Bryss drag race.

#3: Ruthless Casual 6th: Those will contine until Friday. Then there should be more original content. Let's Play stuff will contine at one a week, although I know you don't care as much about that.

#4: Super Dungeon Explore!: I bought this game while in Jersey, from a rather nice little shop called, funnily enough, The Little Shop, in St. Helier. I've only had one game so far, a simple little 8-bit one to familiarise myself with the rules, playing as the Consul. I won, but then my opponent was my sister (I can't believe I persuaded her to play a miniatures game), so it wasn't hard.

I'll probably write some SDE articles, as I really like the game. I'm also working on a 40k expansion for the game, which will probably be titled Super Grimdark Explore. Currently I've written the first draft of Consul Orks (and one Ork Hero) and one Space Marine Hero. If I can find a card maker, I'll put them on those and show them off.

And obviously, it comes with yet more minis to paint! Oh joy! I mean, it's not like I have a massive backlog or anything, right?