40k Alt-Sets: Golfhammer 40,000

I thought I'd go back and update this old thing. Welcome to 2nd Edition Golfhammer 40k!

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40k Golf
In the grim darkness of the 41st millenium there is only golf... and that war thing's in there too.

The Imperium, once a hive of great golf players, is decaying, and in the words of the old pros, 'doesn't make 'em like they used to.' Upstart races such as the Tau are beginning to grasp the game, while the Tyranids have absorbed so many players over the years that they start to play too.

Eventually, the time of prophecy arrives, and the Great Last Battle is on the horizon. Well, that is, it WOULD be on the horizon, but by this time even the Chaos Gods are playing the damn sport instead of warring. Therefore, the warring races decide to play a round of 18 holes instead, and then go to the pub, where the Rhana Dandra Pub Quiz run by the Harlequins becomes a popular weekend fixture.

Golfhammer 40,000 is a game of miniature golf set in the doomed far future of the galaxy. That's all you really need to know.

What you need:
  • 2D6
  • Scatter Dice
  • As many miniatures on a 25mm base as there are players.
  • Aiming markers for each player (these could be 25mm bases)
  • Tape Measure

Design a golf course, clearly marking areas of terrain and the hole, and roll off to see who goes first. Then follow the phases as follows:

  • Aiming Phase
  • Hitting Phase
  • Landing Phase
On Turn 1, follow the player turn order determined by the roll-off. Once every player has hit the ball once, the player who is furthest away from the hole hits their ball a second time, as happens in real golf. This is then repeated for each subsequent shot, until each player has managed to get their ball in the hole. The player who does this in the fewest amount of shots wins the hole. If playing over multiple holes, the player with the lowest total score wins.

Initial Deployment

The Player Markers are arranged in a straight line at the start point. Each Marker must be 4" away from the next Marker, but no more.


The maximum distance you can move your piece depends on the type of club used, selected before taking the shot. Each club has a different maximum distance, representing the potential of the club, and a different scatter, representing wind and the golfer's accuracy, as follows.
Putter: Range 6", Scatter D3
Wedge: Range 12", Scatter D6
Driver: Range 18", Scatter 2D6
Aiming Phase

The player declares where they intend to hit their ball, and places their Ball Marker on that spot, as determined by club type.

Safe Shots and Chips: If you use the Putter and only elect to move 1", you will not scatter. If you use the Wedge and only elect to move 2", you will not scatter. You cannot make a safe shot with the Wedge when you are on the Green.

If you wish to make a Safe Shot or Chip, declare this during the Aiming Phase. The player then moves the Player Marker the distance of the shot and skips the Hitting and Landing Phases.

Hitting Phase

The player rolls for Scatter, as determined by their club type, and moves the Ball Marker to that new position.

Landing Phase

The player places their Player Marker on the spot the Ball Marker currently occupies.


There are varying ground types on each golf course, designated in the Design Phase. They are:

Green/Fairway: Generally you want to be aiming to land your ball on these terrain types. They give no penalties to your move distance.

Rough: The rough usually has longer grass than the fairway, and is therefore more irritating to escape from. When hitting from the Rough, reduce the maximum shot distance of all clubs by 3".

Bunker: A right pain in the arse. You may only use the Wedge in a Bunker. Furthermore, your maximum shot distance is reduced by 4".

Water: Even more of a pain in the arse than a Bunker. If your ball lands in Water, add +2 to your shot count for that hole, and take your next shot from your previous location.
Walls: If your shot would bouce off a wall, it bounces off on a 90 degree arc and moves an extra D3".
Slopes: If your ball lands on a slope, it rolls down to the bottom in the direction it scattered in, and then moves forward another D3".

Optional Rules


Although all of the universe has gathered together, things like the Horus Heresy, xenophobia, and typical Eldar arrogance, not to mention the whole 'exterminate all life' thing Necrons and Tyranids have going, don't go away overnight. Therefore, cheating is a natural part of golfing life.

There are various different ways a player can Cheat, known as Cheating Actions. Each Cheating Action is used during a specific Phase, and is declared at the time stated by the Cheating Action's rules text.

Only one Cheating Action can be attempted per shot. After using a Cheating Action, the player must wait for three shots before they can use another one. Additionally, the player cannot Cheat if:

  • #1: It is the opening shot of a player.
  • #2: The cheater is on the Green.
  • #3: There is a golfer within 6" other than the player affected by the Cheating Action.

The exception to these rules is that if the player is last to make their opening shot, they may Cheat, as by then all the other players are looking for their balls. Additionally, some Cheating Actions ignore these restrictions.

Example Cheating Actions

Each action details when it can be used, what D6 roll is required to make it work, and its effect.

Friendly Advice
The cheater gives a few 'pointers' to a fellow golfer. This could be anything from telling a Marine he has a chance to hit the Tyranid scum on the head if he aims that way, or an Eldar golfer giving stupidly cryptic advice that confuses the aiming golfer.
When used: During the Aiming Phase of a player within 6", after the Marker is placed. Ignores Restriction #1.
Works on: 3+
Effect: The Cheater may either increase/decrease the shot distance by 3" (not beyond the range of the club), or change the angle of the shot by up to 45 degrees.

Sniper Shot
The cheater anticipates the ball of a fellow golfer flying by near him, and promptly 'changes the wind' with a high-powered sniper rifle cleverly disguised as a driver.
When used: During the Hitting Phase, after a Ball Marker has landed within 9" of the cheater.
Works on: 4+ if the Marker is within 0-4", 5+ if the Marker is within 4.1-9".
Effect: The Marker is moved D6+2" in a direction of the cheater's choosing.

Switch Ball
The cheater, seeing the ball of a rival land near him, quickly swipes it and tries to roll it in a more 'favourable' direction before aforementioned rival finds it.
When used: At the start of the Landing Phase, before the Player Marker is moved and if the Ball Marker is within 3" of the cheater.
Works on: 3+
Effect: The Marker is moved D3+2" in a direction of the cheater's choosing.


The golfers of the 40k universe vary in skill and power, and all tend to have rather silly names. Not like you'd tell them of course, they're still wearing weapons.

Each player has a Player Marker, representing their golfer. There are three methods of golfer selection, and they are as follows:

Quick Play: Player Markers have no special Traits or race abilities. Recommended for teaching people the game.

Generic Play: Each player selects a race from the list below. Depending on what race you are, your golf skills will slightly differ. The various Marker types are as follows:

Black Templars: The Black Templars make Vows Of Sportsmanship before the game. Bizarrely, this grants them the ability to re-take their shot once every 5 shots.

Blood Angels: To say the Black Rage is a drawback for a golfer is playing it down to say the least. They add +3" to shot distances, but each Aiming Phase, roll a D6. On a 5+ the Rage takes hold and the Blood Angels player may only elect to use the Driver, and re-rolls the first No Scatter result that Hitting Phase.
Chaos Daemons- Daemons obtain their balls from the Warp. They pass through walls instead of bouncing off, but stop 2" past the wall, even if it would normally shoot further. Their balls also float on water, but they count as being in a Bunker if this happens. They may exchange this for one of the following Marks:
Khorne: Immune to the Trait of Psykers, and +1" to Driver distance.
Slaanesh: Always goes first, and +1" to Wedge distance.
Tzeentch: Once every 9 shots, you may force one opponent to use a club of your choice that Aiming Phase.
Nurgle: Enemy Player Markers landing within 1" of the Nurgle Player Marker or Ball Marker are infected, and suffer -2" to all shot distances for the rest of the game.

Chaos Space Marines: Chaos Marines may select either the Space Marines trait, or take one of the Marks of Chaos detailed in the Chaos Daemons entry.

Eldar- Eldar have some mastery over fate. They may re-roll their scatter dice, but must accept the second roll. This ability can be used once every 3 shots.

Dark Angels: Dark Angels have converted their clubs to have a shot assist mechanism powered by plasma (what else? It's the Dark Angels). This grants them -4" to Scatter, but they must roll a D6 each Aiming Phase after the first shot. On a 1 or 2, their current club overheats and they cannot use that club for 4 shots.
Dark Eldar- Dark Eldar use their Combat Drugs in an attempt to gain the competitive edge. They have an extra 3" of distance with no penalty, however before their shot roll a D6. If the result is a 1 or 2 they overdose and only have half of the range of each club with no modifiers.

Grey Knights: Grey Knights use Nemesis Force Clubs. They add +2" to maximum shot distance each Aiming Phase on a D6 roll of 5+.

Imperial Guard- Humans invented the bloody sport in the first place and have practised their golf skills for longer. Their putters have a range of 8" and they have a Safe Shot of 2" with the putter and 3" with the wedge.

Inquisition: Inquisitors and their henchmen use Servo Skulls as their golf balls. They do not Scatter. However, before every shot the Inquisition golfer makes except the first one, roll a D6 and add the shot number. If the result is 8 or better, the Servo Skull's circuits have been utterly smashed and are no longer immune to Scatter.

Necrons- The thought of playing golf with a lifeless entity devoted to murder can be pretty...unnerving to say the least. Should a Necron Ball Marker land within 3" of a Player Marker, that player falls back D3+2" as they give way.
Orks- Orks have phenomenal power but they do take some time to hit the ball! They ignore the effects of difficult terrain, but re-roll the Scatter dice if the first result is a No Scatter result.
Psykers- A psyker of any race can and will use their power to influence their opponent's ball. A psyker may attempt to force his opponent to miss once every 3 shots. Declare this at the start of the Hitting Phase. If the opponent's shot scatters you may choose to make it scatter in any other direction. However, if it hits, the psyker has fallen prey to perils of the warp. The psykers next shot will only have a maximum range of half the normal range of the club. Note that being a psyker cancels out the normal race trait.

Sisters of Battle- Sisters may use an Act of Faith once every 4 shots. This allows them to either maximise or minimise their D6 rolls that turn (ie, roll all 1s or all 6s).
Space Marines- Gifted with superhuman strength, but golf is a game of precision. They may increase shot distance by up to 2", but suffer +2 to scatter distance.

Tau- Tau make precise, but weaker, shots. They may reduce their scatter by up to 2", however always suffer -2 to the maximum shot distance.
Tyranids- Tyranid golf-ball symbiotes, otherwise known as Rippers, scatter an additional D3" towards the closest enemy Ball Marker during the Landing Phase, or the hole if it is closer.
Campaign Play: Players are created using the Create-A-Golfer Matrix. This will be outlined in a different post.
That's it for now. I need to go work on the player creator.