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Hello everyone. I'm back. I've even got a new crudely drawn, non-copyrighted logo. Good for me.

Anyway, I have my computer back, new HDD installed, boring admin stuff, etc.

I'll get back to proper posting soon, but for now, I have a small announcement to make.

From now on I will only post in one-line paragraphs.

Naah, that's a lie.

The real announcement is that the Weekend Let's Plays are being moved to their own blog, Bryss & Scape Inc. This is the companion blog to my Youtube channel, and so will also contain any 40k battle videos I may do. But, more importantly for you lot, it means the LP stuff won't be here any more, and this will go back to being an 100% wargaming blog.

Normal posting schedule will resume shortly, with some hyperbole about 6th and my thoughts on the new Citadel paints that I have bought so far.

I'm In A Tight Spot...

Dear Bryssling reader, If you are reading this message, that means I have failed to revive my computer from its dead state. As such, Bryssling is on hiatus until it is fixed. If I can't recover my files, I fear for the Vietnam Pokemon LP. I shall return at some point. Damn, the iPhone really wasn't built for this...

EDIT: OK, so I managed to get myself a bootable Ubuntu USB drive. Using it, I've managed to pull everything of importance off my hard drive (so I didn't kill Annan for good, boo!). This means I should be able to blog again, albeit in a reduced state (definitely no LPs and maybe no hobby content).

I should be able to put together a Weekend Silliness post for now. I'll see you at some point next week with something more substantial. Perhaps.

Oh, and my Ubuntu musings... I hate it, simply because there is hardly any help available to you unless you want to dabble in command lines. Which I'd rather avoid, thanks. It'll do as a last ditch backup.

40k Alt-Sets: Golfhammer 40,000

I thought I'd go back and update this old thing. Welcome to 2nd Edition Golfhammer 40k!

Incidentally, I need an amusing logo of some sort. If anyone is bored enough, and can come up with one that's half-decent and amusing, shoot it to master_bryss ('at' symbol) Ruleset after the jump!

And yes, I didn't include the @ in case that somehow wards off messages asking me if I'd like a bigger (insert phallic euphemism here).

Some Abandoned Necron Rulesets

Even though I've abandoned the Kill Team Four project, I thought that what I did manage to write might be of interest. This is an unfinished ruleset for a mini-list for Necrons. The entries are split into Command, Troop and Support, with caps of 2 Command, 4 Troop and 3 Support as a Force Chart.

Note also these were written during Fifth Edition. Rules after the jump.

Weekend Let's Play: The Last Advanced Destruction

Polished off Advanced Destruction yesterday, woohoo! Started painting my Super Dungeon Explore stuff yesterday, woohoo! I need to write more posts....bleh. Enjoy the LP.

Ruthless Casual: The Angels of Secrecy in 6th

Everyone and his do.. right, frak this for a game of soldiers. Let's just get to peering over the last of my 'main' armies, the Angels of Secrecy Space Marines.

Artillery- Old Relic, Now Viable?

Back in the throes of Fifth Edition, in April 2011, shortly before the inception of this blog, I wrote an Artillery article. It wasn't hard to write. Artillery really wasn't the best of units, and it sorely needed an update to stay relevant. That update has come, and it really is a radical overhaul. In other words, exactly what Artillery needed. Of course, 'overhaul' and 'success' don't always go hand in hand. Therefore, a re-examination is needed.

Ruthless Casual: My Dark Eldar in 6th

Everyone and his dog knows 6th Edition WILL change your army. Therefore, I too need to think about this. Today, it's the turn of the Kabal of the Stolen Soul. Again, key emphasis on the word 'my.' These are so easy to write, but I need to thrash this out now.

Bryss' Musings #3

I'm finally writing the third in my series of opinion pieces. And this one even has a picture of my slimy hooded visage. Sort of. Note: I'm not actually horribly disfigured, just not very photogenic. Therefore, just imagine me as the Phantom of the Blogpera. On with the show!

Ruthless Casual Mini: Henchmen Musings

As you know, I possess a WIP Henchman army. However, the new edition has thrown my plans into tatters. Tatters, I say! OK, not quite, but I do need to refine my tactics. For one, how do I get my Crussies/Death Cultists into action?

Weekend Let's Play: Prisbyterians

OK, if all goes to plan and my flight isn't delayed, I'll be back in Bonnie Scotland mere minutes after this hits the interwebs. See you then, I guess. Welcome back to Vietnam.

Ruthless Casual: My Necrons In 6th

Everyone and his dog knows 6th Edition WILL change your army. Therefore, I too need to think about this. Today, I will look at my Necrons and see what needs cleaning out. Note the emphasis on 'my.' This is important. Let's go.

Bryss' Summer Backlog, Plus Finished Xenos Inquisitor

Does it look big? That's because it is. The list stands at:

This Post Was Going To Be About Witches And Hoes, But I Don't Own Any Gardening Implements

Hee hee, I'm so juvenile. Anyway, these guys WERE going to be part of my summer backlog, but I decided to finish them before I went away. These are my three Psykers that I built from Fantasy models. Bonus points if you get the name references!


Weekend Let's Play: Absent

Due to me taking a holiday, I will be gone for a week. Therefore, I am scheduling stuff. It should work and post in my absence. If it doesn't, it's not my problem. Here is Vietnamese Pokemon, Round 5.

Ruthless Casual: The Exercitus In 6th

Everyone and his dog knows 6th Edition WILL change your army. Therefore, I too need to think about this. Let's look at the official RulesMan-Bryssling Mascot Army, the Exercitus. Whoa, nearly forgot to put in the jump break. How clumsy of me. And I'm trying to be an impeccable host here.

6th, Allies, and the Truth About Raider Planks

Good news! I lied. I got in a game with 'Scape! More after the jump...

Reading the FAQs

We're moving onto the FAQs. I can't get a game in until two weeks Saturday (damn, damn, damn!), so I have until then to play around with army ideas. In the interim, I've put all the FAQs onto my e-reader, got annoyed at how badly the magenta shows up in B&W e-ink, put the contrast up to compensate, and started evaluating my armies. Let's go through as many as we can in one post, shall we?

More Perusing Of Ye 40k Rules Manual

Let's continue looking at changes before moving on to some of the FAQs.