Weekend Special Musings: Game of Golden Thrones (23.VI.12)

Here we go. The Imperial Propaganda Department has begun grinding it's frosty wheels. Let's see what I can grasp:

Vehicle Types: I knew it! Heavy has made it in as a Vehicle type. Although, interestingly, it isn't the only new type. Chariot has been added as a type. What could this mean? Is it a sub-class of Open-Topped? And will any existing models be ret-conned into being one? Let's just wait and see.

Appendix II: This looks to be the Errata bit. 'Scape and I will need to make some sort of Quick Reference Sheet. Well, I will, as I won't get the rules proper until probably September, as that's my guesstimate for the boxed game.

Flyers: These are forced to begin in Reserve. There is also this thing called Zoom that gives them a Combat Speed of 18". They can only turn once while doing this, and can't be assaulted while Zooming either. Looks like most of them have to do this, and move at a minimum speed of 18" to stay alive. Some can Hover, but not all by the looks of it. My guess is that the Necron stuff and the Stormtalon will be able to do this. Well, I'd presume the Talon is a definite, on account of one of its bleeding Special Rules needing it to stay still.

It also seems that a Zooming Flyer treats Immobilised results differently, becoming unable to move Flat Out or Evade, whatever that is. Oh, and Flyer crashes are S6, so can actually ID GEQs. Hmm...

Allies: Eldar and Tau can ally, as can Guard and Orks, and Chaos and Orks. What will annoy me is the Grey Knight conundrum. Presumably the myriad ally possibilies of the Inquisition will be ignored in favour of thinking of what the Purey Pureboys would like. Which is a shame, given Varan Oclis' madness gives him a perfect excuse to ally up with Orks, Daemons, etc. Seriously, given the Radical possibilies, shouldn't GK really be able to ally with everything? Oh wait, that would make them even more of a Sue Army.

There are things called Allies of Convenience. They are treated as enemy units that you can't attack for any reason. This does mean a 1" restraining order, mind. Scatter can still hurt them, and you can't attach your host army's Characters to them. Or benefit from whatever Warlord Traits are.

Mastery: Is getting rolled out across the board. General policy is you're Level 1 unless otherwise stated. Probably in that Appendix II thing.

On A Lighter Note: Here's a silly little thought. What if you take one of the most annoying forced-awesome characters in 40k and merge him with someone who actually IS awesome (well, right up until the point where he <PLOT EVENT>ed for no reason and has a similar name?
Well, using my ability to make terrible art, I give you the answer.

I've wanted to make a Khal Draigo pun for aaaaaages. Although this does raise more questions. Like, who on Terra would his Khaleesi be? Hmm....someone from another culture, from a vain bunch... Lady Malys?

You see how easy it is to waste time once you have the knack?


Cyberscape7 said…

For those of you who don't know, the above acronym stand for, Laughing My F**king Ass Off And Emptying Bladder Through Sheer Amusement.

This has got to be the most epic Motivate poster ever.
As for the khaleesi conundrum, it would definitely be an eldar (dark or otherwise) of sorts.
Fuzzbuket said…
that is brilliant :D can i use that pic on my blog as well?

you should also put it on redddit40k