The Last Crusade- 1000 Exercitus Vs Necrons Batrep

I promised you another slide-show, and another slide-show you get. This one is fought between my Exercitus Hereticus and 'Scape's Necrons, and was recorded a few weeks before the DCA project, and therefore before the army's humiliating defeat to a vehicle-heavy Necron force.

As ever, the video features Bryssling's trademark alt-text, and so it's best to watch it in Bigger-O-Vision rather than here. I haven't got any more lined up for now, but I'm thinking of remaking a few of the really old pre-Bryssling bat-reps into slideshows with voiceover from Future Bryss (no 'Scape, probably).

On Wednesday I'll show off my new venture. For now, all I'll say is that it's a restoration project, and it involves an army tipped to be included in the 6th Edition boxed game...

Enjoy the video.