Hunters From Hyperspace, Experiments and Immortals

Alright, confession time. My camera takes pics of a stupidly large size and this is taking up my space at a meteoric rate. To stem the tide and save space, these images are compressed a bit, but I think they're still good enough. The first one is half the size of the other ones, so if it looks the same quality-wise, that's even better news. Anyway, this week I completed my:


I love the term 'Hunters From Hyperspace,' it sounds like a Tom Baker Dr. Who episode. Someone get on the blower to the BBC and submit a plan for an episode where the Doctor is hunted by cyclopean snipers who inhabit their own pocket dimension. Admittedly, the rules aren't as good, but I like the look of them so I've made a unit.


You may remember these chaps wot I built from Immortal and Warrior components, and the test model from early May. Anyway, I finished the squad while I was doing the Deathmarks, giving me ten Immortals in total now.

Oh, and I decided to re-do the Barge to make it fit more with the Ark, but have no pics right now. Suffice to say it's a lot less metal. I may even slightly modify my Monolith scheme to tie all my Necron vehicles together...


Cyberscape7 said…
The rules aren't good? In the same way that flayed ones aren't good?
(insert troll face)
Master Bryss said…
Ah, but Flayed Ones are cheap. Deathmarks are not. Five-man Deathmark units don't survive well, and need to be close-ish to get the full benefit of their weapon.