Here we go again...

As you maybe know, I don't plan on getting the rules myself until the boxed game comes out and showers me with minis. However, this doesn't stop me gathering information from friends and the internet. In particular, IDICBeer 40k has a small series on the changes. Therefore, I've sent Sooty into the ether to gather up these tidbits so I can tell you things.

Movement: You are now able to declare which models in your unit are moving. This is a huge step forward in flexibility, and makes mixed special-heavy weapon combos that much more viable. This will also help you with all the bubble-wrapping you need to do in...

Shooting: You can shoot heavy stuff on the move at BS1. Now everyone can know what it's like to be an Ork! This also applies to vehicles, in that depending on your move distance you may fire X number of weapons at full BS and then snap fire with the rest. This has huge implications, as it means things like Lootas can now move out of the way of incoming assaults without forgoing entirely their power to shoot. Frak, this especially benefits Lootas as they weren't exactly the best marksmen before this rule.

No more blanket Cover Saves, yay!

Oh, there's this Focus Fire thing too. It's used by Avitus to...whoops, too much DoW2. This allows you to target models with a certain Cover Save or less when shooting units. This means you can target only stuff in the open to ensure your good weapons aren't wasted going through the Cover Save filter. 6th really likes giving the player more powers of pick and choose, it seems.

Wound Allocation: Is now done after the dice rolls for mono-armour units. You count your failures then give them to the models closest to the enemy. Protecting your upgrades just got that much harder...

Mixed armour units get something different. You roll saves individually until something dies. Of course, this grants units with one single model in Terminator armour nigh-invulnerabilty, as it is a law of physics that if you roll one Terminator save at a time, it will never fail. But then your Terminator will also have to take AP2 wounds eventually. You actually need to think for this one.

Multi-wound models keep getting wounded until they die. DE Beastmaster players with a fondness for Razorwing wound splitting will not be happy about this. As a fellow DE player who doesn't use Beasts, I laugh evilly in your general direction.

The Shooting player can declare in what order mixed AP wounds are taken. No more 'I'll keep this one for X' antics. This promotes more risk-reward, which I am happy with as a Ruthless Casual.

Assault: The bonus shots that form the Overwatch mechanic are taken before charge is rolled. I'm not sure I like this yet. Sure, it's only BS1 but at least the shooting player is guaranteed an attack. The charger is not, and you know my feelings on random charge length. To recap, this is like playing Snakes and Ladders, except your opponent has the opportunity for a bonus move, and you don't.

Pile-in is done in Initiative order. This means Halberds will be the first to die. I like this. Power fists and thunder hammers like this more.

You can choose to fail your Ld check if you can't harm your opponent. Finally!

No Retreat is gone. Finally!

Rally: Is now at a threshold of 25%, which really helps 5-man units loaded with spec. You can't do stuff at full potential on the turn you rally, only Snap Shot. I want Synapse and the Get Back In The Fight! order to overcome this, but that doesn't seem likely unless the FAQs put it in.

Special Rules: Here are some highlights:

Like Reanimation Protocols, FNP now works against AP1 and 2 (but not Instant Death), and is reduced to 5+. Better for Marines, worse for Dark Eldar. What a surprise.

You can't run and charge with Fleet any more, but it now has more than one application. It also helps beat the silly charge rule. Good.

Furious Charge is nerfed to +1S. Shame for my Khorne Loonies not being I5 any more.

Move Through Cover doesn't affect Assault. Aww...

Rage doesn't make you lose control of models any more! Blood Angels are jumping for joy at the Black Rage no longer being an actual curse. Mephiston is currently begging for it back. And Mad Dok Grotznik can do what he likes now.

Swarms ignore Terrain and lose Stealth. I'll accept.

You can't Overwatch if you're Slow and Purposeful. Poor poor Thousand Sons...

Tank Hunters can re-roll Glances to try for a Pen. Risk/reward at its finest.

That's all for now THE FAQS ARE UP!!!

I will say more about things later. Enjoy your new edition!