Bryss' Musings #3

Semi-regular opinion column go!

#1: 6th Edition Goodies: My my, it's like Skull City in here. Objective skulls, tape measure skulls, dice sku....alright, they didn't go that far, thank goodness. Tape measure skull looks awesome, sign me up.

The psychic affinity chart is nice in the sense that it doesn't replace your normal powers, and doesn't use a silly element system. What's not nice is that it only helps armies with psykers (so Tau, Necrons et al receive no bonuses) and that Eldar got the short end of the stick again, with Marines able to learn more disciplines than them. Psychic mastery my a....

#2: Back In Black: 'Scape and I had our farewell 5th game, with his Necron force against 1500 points of my Black Legion. Being as this is a game against 'Scape's New Necrons, he brought:

1 Triarch Stalker
1 Doomsday Ark
2 Doom Scythes

I don't like fighting vehicle numbers at all, and had low hopes for Abaddon's Lads (no Abaddon mind). Game highlights go as follows:

  • I lose my entire 10-man CSM squad on Turn 2 to three Abyssal Staves hopping around on a Veil without them getting to fire a single shot. Nasty.
  • My Daemon Prince rips apart the Stalker and subsequently dies to a hail of flayer fire (we played Dawn of War and made the most of reserves).
  • I charge the Doomsday Ark with nine Khorne Berzerkers and manage to explode it! Yay for Khorne Loonies having krak grenades! I'm going to miss having them as Troops...
  • The Doom Scythes arrived together on Turn 3 or 4, and I obviously panicked, as 'Scape moved them at Supersonic speed to line up the death rays....but I really shouldn't have, as thanks to twin-linked Oblit guns, missile Havocs, a cheeky meltagun and a Defiler, not a single Death Ray was fired.
  • I won 7-4, having lost only my 10 CSMs, my Loonies, their Rhino, and the Prince.
Why on earth haven't I used Chaos in so long? They're flippin' awesome! Before now, I had never used the twin-linked Oblit guns and never realised Berzerkers had grenades, and both of them really made their mark, despite me only having one Oblit by the time the Scythes got on. Expect to see them more as a battle army.

#3: The Scythe Design Explained!: Before now, I didn't really get the weird crescent shape. Now, I realise how damn efficient it is. To explain, have a bad diagram:

If I'd shot an Imperial BrickRaven Gunship. that would have hit for sure.

Yep, the Necrons were designed for 6th all right. In every damn sense of the word...


Cyberscape7 said…
I may have lost the battle, but the scythes cheesy design was as much win as I needed...