Bryss' Allies Musings

Right, here's some more thoughts. I'm going on the 'can/can't' approach rather than adding the silly technicalities.

#1: The Exercitus: Well, I was sort of right. GW are taking their options from the GK, not the Inquisition, so I cannot have a Rogue Inquisitorial Warband with a horde of Daemons. But they can ally with more factions than I thought the Purey Pureboys were capable of. Also, currently I cannot fight tanks for toffee. So let's add some Marines or Imperial Guard to rectify this, shall we? Oh, speaking of...

#2: You're my best mate, Guardsman: The Imperial Guard can ally with pretty much everything under the sun. The Imperial Guard Codex was written by Robin "SQUADRONS OF THREE!" Cruddace. The Imperial Guard can take Platoons. They must be the best value ally out there, to be sure. Even if Squadron rules don't improve, cheaper options like Griffons and Sentinels will be popular indeed...

#3: On a similar note, Tau: The Oracle of Delphi in me says Cruddace will write Tau. Therefore, Hammerheads will come in squadrons of three. Tau are the only other race to ally with everything bar Tyranids, and they have some pretty sweet options. I don't think it's a coincidence that GW released the Finecast Broadside Battlesuit upgrade sprue now, considering that everyone gets them now.

#4: Dark Eldar: I'm a bit surprised that Eldar and Dark Eldar are so close. Then I remember that this gets me a Farseer, who costs 75 with just Guide and the bonus book powers. Then I remember that Incubi cannot fight Terminators any more. Then I remember I use Wyches to do that anyway. Bladestorm and Kabablobs gives me firepower in spades. Fun times.

#5: Robin Cruddace: I should explain. Robin Cruddace put the Leman Russ into squadrons of three. Then, he put Carnifices into squadrons of three. Then he forgot to put Exorcists into squadrons of three, but it probably slipped his mind as SoB was a cut-and-shut. Therefore, Cruddace's signature move is Squadrons Of Three. Incidentally, Ward's is LoTR-Style Hero Worship and Kelly's is Being Phil Kelly. We will not mention the abomination collectively known as Gavvio Thorpatore.

#6: Bryss' 6th Armies: For me, 6th will be about resurrecting some of my most neglected armies as allies and main forces alike. Therefore, expect more of:

  • The Delusions of Oclis: Inquisition with either Guard or Tau.
  • The Coalition of Malice: Renegades and Legions of Chaos, with Daemonic help.
  • The Crow and the Dove: Dark Eldar with Eldar .
See you in 6th, I guess.