And Now For Something Completely Dif...PYTHON QUOTES ARE FOR THE WEAK!

Right, I know this seems completely out of the blue, but I own a large-ish Chaos army. Some of it is mine mine, but most was inherited from Twins K and P (remember them?) when they left for London. The miniatures are in varying states of 'what was I thinking?', and so, to distract me from my lack of funds, I'm resurrecting the whole lot as two separate armies. The above is my progress so far. Until I know the whole story behind the Renegades/Legions rumourmill, this is the Coalition of R'Lette.

They say that the Chaos Gods play games with mortals. They are correct. Sometimes, the Gods' attitude is reflected in their minions, and this is clear with the Daemon Prince R'Lette. Once a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion, R'Lette abandoned Abaddon following the Twelfth Black Crusade along with a cadre of his most loyal warriors, with the aim of gathering his own personal army that owed no dues to others.

R'Lette travelled the galaxy, recruiting small bands of men as he went, until eventually he crossed the path of the Blood Corsairs. Their story mimicked his own: they served Lufgt Huron until their leader took on the blood rage of Khorne and left in search of more victims. When the two commanders met, they immediately took a liking to the other's warband, but not to their counterpart. Therefore, R'Lette proposed a duel. The final allegiance of the warband would be decided in one battle; to be Red, or Black.

The duel lasted hours, however in the latter stages R'Lette realised that the untiring fury of his Khorne-loving opponent would eventually overwhelm him. Nevertheless, he fought back bravely, and for the briefest of milliseconds attracted the attention of a Great Power. This millisecond turned out to be the one of his death, but that was no barrier to the blessing intended for him. As that battle ended, the closest advisors of both sides swore they heard a darkly sonorous echo:

"The result is Green."

And from that day on, clad in twisted verdant ceramite, the Daemon Prince R'Lette had his warband.

 Blood Corsairs

Chaos Space Marine and Chaos Lord of the Blood Corsairs. They are the 'renegade' half of the army, and the smaller part. The Rhinos I use for my Space Marines and Inquisition are also theirs, which is justified by their slightly red and green scheme, and also by the fact that I care not to buy yet more plastic bricks. The Chaos Predator they had in their possession will also become a dual-army unit.

Black Legion

Havoc and Chaos Marine of the Black Legion. I've gone for a fairly standard Black Legion scheme, with metallitrim aplenty. They are the 'legion' half of the army. If the rumours do pan out, they stand to inherit all the cult troops and most of the 6th box set content, thus making them the bigger army.

WIP Plague Marines

I decided to use the excess miniatures I gained to create a third type of Cult Troop to go with my Berzerkers and Ksons. The 12 here include two melta guns and a Plague Champion with a power fist. I abhor Nurgle miniatures as a rule, but these are OK as they are not overwhelmingly plaguey.

The current 'finished miniature' total stands at:

  • Daemon Prince R'Lette the Green (from my Daemons force, winged and proud)
  • Chaos Lord with Termie armour and lightning claws
  • 6 Blood Corsairs with plasma gun
  • 7 Black Legionnares with melta gun and icon
  • 6 Black Legion Havocs (4 missile launchers and 1 autocannon)

This at least gives me a start point to work from. I'll update the army with new old minis sporadically. Oh, and I've got 24 usable Lesser Daemons if I want to use them, too. See you next time.