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Here we go again...

As you maybe know, I don't plan on getting the rules myself until the boxed game comes out and showers me with minis. However, this doesn't stop me gathering information from friends and the internet. In particular, IDICBeer 40k hasa small serieson the changes. Therefore, I've sent Sooty into the ether to gather up these tidbits so I can tell you things.

Weekend Let's Play: Early?

Yeah, I'm putting this out a day earlier than normal, as let's face it, 6th is far more significant. So I'll just leave this here and get back to painting my Xenos Inquisitor and Psykers. Enjoy your time in Vietnam.

I'll probably paint Szeras too, although I'm still not 100% on what I want to do with him...

Bryss' Allies Musings

Right, here's some more thoughts. I'm going on the 'can/can't' approach rather than adding the silly technicalities.

Brysstory: Classic Bat-Rep #1

I'm not really able to do much until 6th is out with the blog, so in this slow time I'm bringing my first ever battle report onto the blog proper from the BoLS Lounge. You really can tell it's the first one, being as there are no pictures or anything and the Tyranid book is described as 'new.' Enjoy.

Weekend Let's Play: Very Advanced

Sixth is coming, so I've had to put Kill Team Four lists on hold. Especially since Canoptech Necrons were going to have Chariots, and so may benefit from a retyping. Have some Robot Wars in the meantime.

Primed a few Plague Dudes and a mystery project today. All I'll say is that it's another car dangler. Enjoy the LP.

Weekend Special Musings: Game of Golden Thrones (23.VI.12)

Here we go. The Imperial Propaganda Department has begun grinding it's frosty wheels. Let's see what I can grasp:

Ruthless Casual #3: Clear and Distinct Perception

Now then, here I am sitting at my metaphorical fireplace, wondering about myriad possibilities. I've already decided I'm not a Hyper-Efficient, but I now need to justify the whole 'Ruthless' thing. There is an easy test to determine that I'm not pure casual.

Bryss' Musings #3

Semi-regular opinion column go!

#1: 6th Edition Goodies: My my, it's like Skull City in here. Objective skulls, tape measure skulls, dice sku....alright, they didn't go that far, thank goodness. Tape measure skull looks awesome, sign me up.

The psychic affinity chart is nice in the sense that it doesn't replace your normal powers, and doesn't use a silly element system. What's not nice is that it only helps armies with psykers (so Tau, Necrons et al receive no bonuses) and that Eldar got the short end of the stick again, with Marines able to learn more disciplines than them. Psychic mastery my a....

#2: Back In Black: 'Scape and I had our farewell 5th game, with his Necron force against 1500 points of my Black Legion. Being as this is a game against 'Scape's New Necrons, he brought:

1 Triarch Stalker
1 Doomsday Ark
2 Doom Scythes

I don't like fighting vehicle numbers at all, and had low hopes for Abaddon's Lads (no Abaddon mind). Game highlights …

Weekend Let's Play: Double Bill

So, the 6th Edition cover has apparently been 'revealed.' It looks like a throwback to the old Marine-centric covers of editions 1-3. I would probably have preferred a different look, but since I plan on getting the smaller version anyway, I'm not fussed.

Today, you get 2 videos. You get the continuation of Vietnam Pokemon, and you get the first part of Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction. Enjoy.

I swore the Marine was Black Templar, but apparently it's a DA Interrogator Chaplain. Makes sense, I guess...

Ruthless Casual #2: The Cogito

Now then, in the first meditation, I established that the current use of the word 'competitive' is wrong on all accounts, although I am too small-time to prevent this grievous misuse. But that really wasn't the point. The point was to reclaim the word 'competitive,' and to establish the concept of hyper-efficient gameplay.

Think about it. Your typical HE list is transports, Anni-Barges, meltaguns, etc. Why? Not because they are good, but because they are efficient. The HE player selects the best units they can get and still have room for more stuff. This also explains the idea of MSU, as it allows greater fire spread and flexibilty, again more efficient than buying a blob unit.

If we're going for weapon metaphors, the HE player is the meltagun, and the Ruthless Casual player the plasma gun. The meltagun costs ten points and therefore is the cheapest one-shot AT gun in the game. The plasma gun costs more, fires more, has more range, but could blow up, which is …

And Now For Something Completely Dif...PYTHON QUOTES ARE FOR THE WEAK!

Right, I know this seems completely out of the blue, but I own a large-ish Chaos army. Some of it is mine mine, but most was inherited from Twins K and P (remember them?) when they left for London. The miniatures are in varying states of 'what was I thinking?', and so, to distract me from my lack of funds, I'm resurrecting the whole lot as two separate armies. The above is my progress so far. Until I know the whole story behind the Renegades/Legions rumourmill, this is the Coalition of R'Lette.

They say that the Chaos Gods play games with mortals. They are correct. Sometimes, the Gods' attitude is reflected in their minions, and this is clear with the Daemon Prince R'Lette. Once a Chaos Lord of the Black Legion, R'Lette abandoned Abaddon following the Twelfth Black Crusade along with a cadre of his most loyal warriors, with the aim of gathering his own personal army that owed no dues to others.

R'Lette travelled the galaxy, recruiting small bands of men …

The Last Crusade- 1000 Exercitus Vs Necrons Batrep

I promised you another slide-show, and another slide-show you get. This one is fought between my Exercitus Hereticus and 'Scape's Necrons, and was recorded a few weeks before the DCA project, and therefore before the army's humiliating defeat to a vehicle-heavy Necron force.

As ever, the video features Bryssling's trademark alt-text, and so it's best to watch it in Bigger-O-Vision rather than here. I haven't got any more lined up for now, but I'm thinking of remaking a few of the really old pre-Bryssling bat-reps into slideshows with voiceover from Future Bryss (no 'Scape, probably).

On Wednesday I'll show off my new venture. For now, all I'll say is that it's a restoration project, and it involves an army tipped to be included in the 6th Edition boxed game...

Enjoy the video.

Weekend Let's Play: Back To 'Nam

Here's the return of Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal, as me and 'Scape struggle to understand our surroundings again. I think it's fair to say that as these videos continue, I will gradually become more insane.

Hobby-wise, coming up this week:

A new slide-show battle report of the Exercitus (pre-Death Cult version) versus Necrons.A surprising new project.The second Meditation.Possibly the Necron KTF list.
So yeah, all that. Enjoy your time in Vietnam!

Hunters From Hyperspace, Experiments and Immortals

Alright, confession time. My camera takes pics of a stupidly large size and this is taking up my space at a meteoric rate. To stem the tide and save space, these images are compressed a bit, but I think they're still good enough. The first one is half the size of the other ones, so if it looks the same quality-wise, that's even better news. Anyway, this week I completed my:


I love the term 'Hunters From Hyperspace,' it sounds like a Tom Baker Dr. Who episode. Someone get on the blower to the BBC and submit a plan for an episode where the Doctor is hunted by cyclopean snipers who inhabit their own pocket dimension. Admittedly, the rules aren't as good, but I like the look of them so I've made a unit.


You may remember these chaps wot I built from Immortal and Warrior components, and the test model from early May. Anyway, I finished the squad while I was doing the Deathmarks, giving me ten Immortals in total now.

Oh, and I decided to re-do th…

Ruthless Casual #1: What IS Casual/Competitive?

Right, it's timeI at least try to understand my own gaming philosophy. Therefore, it's time for more meditations. Like when I tried to figure out the points formula, I will conduct Cartesian meditations to find out exactly where I stand, and establish the definition of the Bryssling Ruthless Casual philosophy. Now, my points meditations failed, like Descartes' ones did. Here's hoping these ones work better.

Meditation #1: On the Nature of Casual and 'Competitive'

I would first propose to you that casual gameplay is very easy to define. It is gameplay that is not taken seriously and is not played to an overall objective of victory, but to the overall objective of having fun. Note that these meditations will only discuss gameplay, not also modelling and painting, which influence the spectrum in different ways.

I would then propose to you that the word 'competitive' is the wrong word to use to describe a harder gameplay style. If I am competitive, I want t…

Bryss' Musings #2

Here we go again... Round 2, fight!

#1: The Return of The Other Rival: My other great gaming rival, the one that isn't 'Scape, is coming back to the Land of Haggis, Neeps and Tartan in a few weeks. For a long period of time. Looks like I need to sharpen up my Kabal, as if his lists are at the same level I expect them to be I'm in for a heck of a fight. This also means an excuse to wear my new coat in public, which is awesome, so good news all round.

#2: Scape and Scythes: Cyberscape7 is buying two Scythes, with the intent of making them interchangable. This annoys me no end, as I don't have the funds to do such, and also means his Necrons will ascend casuality and become a full-on lethal army. Lethal by my standards, not the stupidly high ones of T'Leeks and his vile ilk. I love the word 'ilk,' it sounds like a beast from a fantasy novel that deserves to be hunted and slaughtered. This means that, like the Other Rival's GK, I can't challenge his Necr…

Top Bryss Reviews The New Flyers #1

Yes, Top Bryss is back! And it's improved, too! See, when I did the first one, back at Rules Manufactorum, Atrotos wondered what it would be like as an audio article. And now, aaaages later, I've done it. The first audiovisual episode of Top here. And I think it's the best Top the world.

You will need to watch it in Proper Size-O-Vision for the full effect. And in case your Internet is horrible right now, or you miss the old days, here is the transcript.

Tonight, Sooty fails a Pinning Check, Panda fails a Pinning Check, and I fail to appear on camera...
Hello, and welcome to Top Bryss! Now, recently Games Workshop has released small modification kit for their popular Space Marine model, and not-so popular Ork model. These claim to make the books faster and give them new, useful abilities. But are they any good?
We’ll start with some general pointers. These new modifications come in the full-colour White Dwarf magazine, and therefore are in amazin…