WIP Wizards! Wait, Sorry, No, Psykers!

Never let it be said that Bryss goes back on promises. I picked up a box of Battle Wizards the other week, plus the plastic Necromancer (as I've been promising myself one of those plastic character kits for ages). And now, I'm well on the way to 3 Sanctioned Psykers. Let's look at each one individually:


 The fluff behind him is that he's Oclis' longest serving psyker and therefore is the most insane and withered, hence his bedraggled look. The staff was done with IG and Dark Angel bitz, and the thing he's standing on to offset his wonky feet is Dark Eldar. The Servo Skull I've had lying around for ages and now I'm actually using it for something.

Battle Wizard 1

Not much going on at the back that isn't stock Wizard, so no pics of that. The head is the Bright Wizard one with a significant haircut, the laspistol and aquila are IG again. Conveniently, the aquila had tab thingies at the back that made it a perfect fit for the Wizard pole. He's probably got the gravitas to pass as a Primaris Psyker, unlike the other two, should I pick up IG again.

Battle Wizard 2

This guy has had the most work done I think. I had no clue what to do with the orb, so drilled holes and made a sort of dual incense-holdy thingy. Staff is the same as the last one. Head is the Gold Wizard head with no pointlessly long chin. The robe's stock join made the hand go at a weird angle, so I had a go at lengthening it with GS to get a better pose. I think it's OK for a first attempt.

That's all for now, I made a practice Death Cultist as well so you may see some of them soon.

Useless fact: all through writing this post, I can't get that one Discworld song out of my head.

"A wizard's staff has a knob on the end...."


Cyberscape7 said…
Tbph they look FAR too awesome to be puny sanctioned psykers. Good conversions mate, can't wait to see finished product :)
Fuzzbuket said…
that is some great work! i really like the masked guy he looks like hes straight out of one of john blanches sane-er paintings :D -fuzz