Massive Hobby Update Week #2: Death Cultists Round 2

Well now, the first round of Death Cultists went rather well, I reckon, becoming my second post featured on a Top X list of sorts and my first post to be featured on two such lists, here and here. Even if I am none the wiser as to what a 'cult of the university' is. Anyways, here is the rest of the squad:

The hoods and cowls were a mixed bag, but they came out better than the test model so I can be happy with that. It'll all look more uniform once they've been painted in Exercitus Red.

Group 2. The central left figure is the second 'minimalist' DCA.  Central right is my first attempt at a reverse grip.

In the first post, I mentioned my gunblade-wielding leader. In the end, I opted to give the DE power sword to Brother Minimalist, and went for this setup:

And no, the knife isn't representing Lightning's survival knife. I've seen a converted Lightning before though, and may try my hand myself one day. The scarfcape is mainly me covering up the odd crater in the centre of the Hekatrix back plate.

Friday's update is my progress on the Magnet Ark. Remember it? The last time you saw it was December 2011. I've finally painted some of it. That's on Friday, same channel, here at RulesMan-Bryssling.