Massive Hobby Update Week #1: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

I have been literally BOMBING through hobby this weekend, so I've got loads of good stuff for you this week. Now then, once you get over the shock of Bryss actually doing something, here's what I spent my weekend on:

I decided to make another Inquisitor to accompany Oclis. This is Inquisitor Reinin Steele (that is a pune, or play on words), a radical Ordo Xenos Inquisitor who met Oclis on the trail of an Eldar Farseer and got caught up in his delusions, along with his Jokaero companion, known as the Librarian (hence explaning the Exercitus' team mascot).

I need to set it down in stone, but the basic fluff of the Exercitus is that the entire army is a hallucination of Varan Oclis, a Radical Inquisitor driven mad enough to believe that the army of savages that follows him is a real Inquisitorial warband. We, the players, play along with Oclis' delusions and 'see' the savages as henchmen and Grey Knights. The only 'real and civilised' people in the army are Oclis, Steele, the Librarian and Baldrick the Clean-Shaven (an Imperial Guard sniper who thinks he is a Vindicare). The psykers are also real, but may or may not be in on it. I haven't decided whether Chaos or a powerful Deceiver shard is the cause of all this.

Gameplay wise, Steele is an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Awesome Grenades, a shuriken (bolt) pistol, power armour and Mastery Level 1. Now, I'll talk you through the conversion.

Both shoulder pads are Chaos ones filed down, leaving only the central skulls. The legs are Dark Angel Veteran ones 'Scape gave me. The front torso is Grey Knight, the arms are from the Assault Marines kit. The shuriken idea. Dire Avengers?

The force sword is from the Empire Battle Wizard kit, as is the back collar. The minute I saw that sword, I was like 'I NEED this in the Exercitus,' and here it is, as a Force Sword.

I think this is my best converted model to date. The hood is easy-ish for me to do by now. The real challenge was the cape. It's made from the two side robe parts I had left over from the Battle Wizard kit. It looked weird at the top, so I covered it up with an attempt at a fur pelt. I think it's alright for a first attempt, no?

Next update will be the rest of the Death Cultists on Wednesday. See you then.


Cyberscape7 said…
LOVE the green stuffed back fur! Seriously fantastic sculpting there. Oh and the rest of the model looks pretty bad-ass too. Kudos! :D
Fuzzbuket said…
great conversion! i like the hood, just a few GS tips, the fur needs to be a bit smaller, have you tried using a knife/scalpel/pointything to make it more furry, its really simple, and for the join if you wet the GS it becomes more liquid and smooth!

but the hood is great!

Master Bryss said…
Yeah, that was my thoughts regarding the pelt. However, I cannot be bothered to change it, and it won't be as noticeable once the paint is on. Thanks for the tips for next time, though.