General Housekeeping Returns!

I can and will take ANY opportunity to bring out the Tyranid Warrior Maid. Got it?

Anyway, observant observery types may notice a new page up top, with a weird paragraphy of fluff and three seperate bullet point lists. This will serve as the links portal for Kill Team Four, which is a sort of mini-skirmishy thing on my part.

Remember how I was going to make small mini-lists for a Kill-Team style game? Well, I've expanded the list size a bit to about 8-10 units, and combined it with another thing I'd like to do. I really like heavy re-writes of the 40k canon (search for the Dornian Heresy or The Shape of the Nightmare To Come/Age of Dusk for good examples), and have wanted to do one myself for a while. To that end, I'm putting Kill Team Four in a version of 40k set entirely on Terra in the year 4000, which is a weird mish-mash of fantasy and sci-fi elements.

Anyway, I'm halfway through the Necron list, so expect that soon-ish.

Oh, and if the Warrior Maid is the housekeeping troop, what is General Housekeeping? I'm thinking a Hive Tyrant in a ridiculous maid dress. Equipped with a pair of Bonedusters, obviously.