The Exercitus Sucks At Fighting Tanks

I've been getting in a few games with my Exercitus Hereticus Inquisition army, now that I have finished the assembly of all ten Death Cultists, which you will see soon. Yesterday Cyberscape7 and I had a game, Inquisition V Necrons, where both of us tried out our latest purchases, marking the debut of my planned Henchman setup, whereas before I only had Crusaders and Countsyas' shooty unit. It was a 750 point game, and I deployed the following:

Varan Oclis (Inquisitor Countsyas)
Squad Oclis- 1x Servitor with plasma cannon, 1x Psyker, 2x Warrior with storm bolter
Chimera with searchlight
Combat Unit 001- 5x Crusader, 4x Death Cultist, 1x Psyker
Combat Unit 002- 5x Crusader, 4x Death Cultist, 1x Psyker
5 Grey Knight Purgators with 2 psycannons

This was also the first time my GK Magnet Force didn't deploy as Interceptors. Anyway, the combat Henchmen. There are enough Crusaders for adequate shielding and if I can protect all 4 Assassins they throw out 16 S4 attacks on the charge. The Psyker is there to boost my range support (large blasts are never a bad thing), and in an ideal world would be interchangable with a Banisher. It's a fun little squad that can deal real damage to the right unit.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten what 'Scape's latest purchases were. He deployed:

Overlord with warscythe
5 Immortals with gauss blasters
5 Warriors
5 Warriors
Triarch Stalker with heat-ray
3 Wraiths
Annihalation Barge
Annihalation Barge

If you're looking at that and thinking 'The Inquisition is frakked,' you'd be right. I didn't even have my Jokaero Weaponsmith, known as the Librarian for semi-obvious reasons (ook!), and only 3 of my weapons were S7, with nothing higher (2 of which were the Rending Psycannons in the Purgator unit).

Admittedly, we played for Victory Points, giving me some sort of chance, as more than 50% of his points were in infantry. However, that would involve not losing many men and transports. By about Turn 2 my Purgator Rhino was gone, my Chimera was gone, Countsyas and his squad were gone due to a Rending S6 hit and blasted lack of Eternal Warrior, and the Wraiths that killed him were now locked with the Purgators, leaving me with no AT weapons, and I hadn't done any damage to his vehicles. I was willing to throw the game, but 'Scape instead suggested we switch sides as he believed there was some sort of hope for the Exercitus even though I did not.

So I switched over to being the Necron player, and did the obvious thing of trying to stop the advance of the Rhinos containing the combat squads. I blew up one Rhino in time and locked that unit in combat with the Stalker, neutralising it utterly. To 'Scape's credit, the other unit managed to wipe one of the Warrior squads and the Immortals (although the Over survived the game due to Ever-Living), but that wasn't enough. The Exercitus still lost by hundreds of Victory Points.

Now, some of the more hard-headed of you will point out that I really shouldn't have taken that list. I would advise you to shut up. In all seriousness, that was the best list the Exercitus has ever put out. At 1000 I could have had my Vindy and my Conversion Beamer back, which levels the playing field a bit, but at 750, that's not as viable. Plus, I wanted to try the DCAs out. They were excellent in 'Scape's hands, and their maiden combat was all I could have wanted. If I was still the Exercitus player.

So, the Exercitus can't fight properly. They're my best converted, best painted , most fun to play in theory army but they are unlucky as frak and can't fight tanks. What's a Bryss to do?

  1. Banishers: Replacing the Psyker in each combat unit with a Banisher grants me an S6 chainfist. This levels the playing field in the up-close game against pesky lockers like Dreadnoughts.
  2. More ranged units: Countsyas' unit is traditionally my long-range firebase, with some cheap mid-range and the psyber-eagle thrown in. A midfield shooting squad consisting of Warriors gives me an opportunity to use melta and give support. Another viable option is a Stormraven Gunship, and a Psyfleman Dread made from the Venerable kit for extra pizazz.
  3. Sighcannons: I need GKs to make the Exercitus bigger, no getting around that. Having 20 magnetised men gives me enough in the way of options, I reckon. I'll be investing in Terminators too, possibly Thawn because he's too awesome as a concept to pass up.
That isn't the most optimal thing I can do, but it's what I'd like to do, keeping in the 'ruthless casual' style. But at the same time, the Exercitus began as a fun modelling project, and I like those roots. So with that in mind, I'm off to convert a Malleus Inquisitor with a Daemonblade. More Let's Play action tomorrow.