End of April Hobby Updates

First off, some news. I'm 18. Woot! This is the end of the news. Have some updates.


I hadn't a clue how to go about this one, so I went for metal. Well, I had to, I spilled a blob of Boltgun Metal on my workstation and so had to make the most of it. I think it turned out OK even if it seems a bit samey. Here it is as a Scoringmobile for Trazyn:

You'd hardly ever do this in-game, of course. But it's nice to see something other than a normal Overlord in one of these.

Trazyn the Infinite

As workmanlike as the regular Over I did last month, except the chest is blue for no reason. This is my second ever Finecast model, and he turned out at about a similar quality to the Death Jester. It's also a huge plus that he does NOT have a slotta base.


This is the test Immortal. I'm fairly satisfied by the outcome. The smaller spine and legs don't matter too much, having compared it to stock plastic Immortals.

Things I don't have pictures of...the Ark is primed and ready, as are the Deathmarks and the other four Immortals. I have acquired Wyches and Wizards (plus the plastic Necromancer) to make into Death Cultists and Psykers. Onwards and upwards!


Fuzzbuket said…
woo happy birthday :D
and those necrons are a nice table top quality! i really like the faint osl on the immortal!