Death Cultists WIP #1

No Metal Mayhem this weekend as I'm still working on the last part. But then, maybe you're happy about that. Because I used the time I'd normally spend on Let's Plays to work on my Death Cult Assassins. This is what I've done so far:

Power Swords


This is a very simple tack-on, using the hand normally containing a Splinter Pistol and some GK Falchions. The internet's of two minds as to whether they're the wrong size, but for an amateur converter like me, this works really well.

The First Two

The one on the left was the first victim. As such, she has two falchions, which looks a bit unwieldy but I'll keep them, and a worse mask. Hopefully no-one will notice after the red paint goes on and the power weapon attacks start flying...

The second one is one of two minimalists that use a normal unmodded head. To make it look like I've made an effort, I've taken a chain-flail hand and made the chain into wiring and attached the falchion there, while the other blade is the sword-form Razorflail made shorter and with only one serrated edge.


I think the masks on these came out better. As is tradition, all my Henchman types have a distinct leader, which is the hooded gal on the left. She will have a slightly different weapon type...

A Gunblade!

What? Oh come on, yes it's Final Fantasy-esque, but it's also the logical extension of a bayonette. I just cut the splinter pistol at a different place and trimmed the splinter barrel to accomodate it on top of the falchion. I quite like it. The only dilemna now is how to pose my fearless leader (who is NOT called Lightning, I assure you).

Do I go for....

Option A: Guard Stance

A little blurry, but you get the idea about the angles.

Option B: Open Stance

A more open, commandery pose.

Option C: Guard Stance Mk.2

An attack stance? With those legs? Never. Anyway, I'd need to GS the left arm to get it to a more relaxed, 'come at me!' position, and the gunblade is about the same level as Option A.

I could also scrap the second sword and take a smaller weapon. Choices...


HOTpanda said…
Congrats on ensuring that your cult of a university was dressed in the Sunday Best this past week. Hope you don't mind the shout out as I featured this post in my themed weekly top x. Cheers and thanks for sharing.