Bryss' Musings #1

Fuzz Pattern Stormtalon

I just realised something. Because of my moral standards, I have neglected to create an actual opinion piece on this blog that isn't me being annoyed at someone else. My worry is that writing such a thing will debauch my mind and make me no better than the rest of them. But then, that's arrogance. Can't have that. Therefore, this is my musings.

#1: Bricks, Planes and Kwassons: Am I the only person in the universe who actually likes the Storm Talon. The net is awash with people saying it couldn't actually fly and this makes it bad. Also, it looks like a bullet hell enemy, and this is also bad. Naah, not to me. Look at the thing. It's so cute. If you don't adopt one, you're heartless. Oh, and as for the 'engineer's nightmare' point, may I remind you you play a wargame where:

  • A plain ol' shotgun and rocket-propelled slugs both wound Marines on 4+.
  • Jump Infantry cannot be bothered to activate their jump packs to gain more charge distance.
  • Kaldor Draigo is still alive.
In other words, pipe down about realism, there never was any to start with. As for the Ork and Necron craft, I'm a fan of the Ork one, but the Necron one reminds me of a frisbee that's been bitten into by a dog and has obtained weapons to start a campaign of revenge. But because it's the Necron equivalent of the Wave Serpent, it's been critically acclaimed. Proof, if anything, that uber-competitive players have no sense of style.

#2: Doing Actual RulesMan Stuff: I haven't done any in a while. This bothers me. I also need to finish the RIFU primer. I need some sort of inspiration, but so far I'm drawing blanks. Meh, I'll think of something eventually.

#3: Memorial Day: I would like to take this opportunity to wish my American readers a happy Memorial Day. But I can't. I utterly disagree with the glorification of the entire military system because it goes against the idea of an individualistic praise and blame system. For the love of frak you do not immediately become a 'hero' just by taking a job that involves shooting people in other countries. Therefore, my Memorial Day message goes as follows:

Thanks to all those who made/are making an actual significant contribution towards the protection of whatever nation you are. But stop exaggerating how great you are.


Eversor said…
I agree heartily, regarding the Stormtalon and Memorial Day both :-)
Fuzzbuket said…
thanks for the sorta shoutout :D also as for the ruelsman stuff i may have something that requires your rule genertating madness :P

Master Bryss said…
Colour me interested, Fuzz. What sort of thing did you have in mind?
Fuzzbuket said…
im currently writing a imperial/inquisitoral taskforce codex thingy, and once its done ill ask for yor input on 1 or two of the .... crazier ruels so it isnt released with gamebreaking stuff :D

(just got a draft for 2 of the new units..... lets say ive got custodians at 400pts...) ^__^

it wont be done for a while yet though.