Weekend Silliness: Sniper What?

It's the return of Weekend Silliness, for a while, at least. After all, I need a chance to relax before the first anniversary, right?

So, today, I had a conundrum. One of the posts I absorbed from RulesMan has an absurdly high view count compared to everything else here, the article on how to fix sniper weapons to make them more effective which I won't link to because I don't want to do any more damage. This was after receiving comments in Russian, the only word of which I recognised was 'Dragunov.'

Anyway, I had to figure out the reason for this, as currently my posts aren't accumulating as many views as my daily hits would suggest, and so set my top researcher and the third Top Bryss presenter to work:

Say what you want about realism, it took me ages to get him to stand upright. Meet Sooty, researcher extraordinaire, terrible magician and fellow Latin assistant (yes, I use puppets to teach first year pupils, it's brilliant). Anyway, his amazing powers of search-fu revealed that upon typing the word 'sniper' into Google images, the first pic of the offending article is on the top row of matches found. This annoys me, as it skews the statistics so I don't know how many people are actually reading this for actual wargame-based content.

I've since removed the images from the article, but they still show up in Google images. I'm not going to be rid of this for a long time, it seems.Ah well, could be worse. It could have been traffic from Bake-A-Box Cupcakes I was getting for no apparent reason (ever figure that out, Fuzz?)

Anyway, I've been preparing a small something for the first anniversary that you should see very soon. It's something I found a little weird to do, but I think it's OK for a first attempt. And no, it's not gettting to see what the rest of my head looks like. I draw the line there. If you're nice, one day I'll give you a puppet show. Maaybe. I'd need a script...

-runs off furiously with new blog ideas brewing in head...


Fuzzbuket said…
lol nope i still dont know why i got traffic from there :L i dont get it anymore though! :D luckily i get pretty much no spam traffic anymore :D