Weekend Silliness: Modern Art

Today, we at Bryssling are celebrating the launch of our Modern Art Division. I hope that by sharing these pieces with you all, you might gain a little insight into your lives.

Here stands the gambler
Fall, forever uncertain
Always ruled by luck.

I call this one "Man With Dice." It celebrates the uncertaintly of life, how you may seem to be the luckiest person alive but at your heart you are a mediocre waste of time, hence why the head is made only of 2s. The core is two big 4s, representing a solid foundation on which to build your life. The entire piece is symmetrical, to show that it could go either way.

Moving on to the next piece:

Faithful companion,
Could fall at any notice,
Whining as it goes.

This one is called "Lucky Dog," and requires some explanation. I lost my cat to a road accident when I was young, but the only reason I knew that is because it had the strength to limp home and tell us. It was a brave and powerful moment, and years later I now realise that even the most loved of companions is subject to the same rules as the rest of us, and the same level of mediocrity, hence why the head is identical to that of the man. The core is three 6s to represent our perception of our animals, that they are lucky to have us.

Anyway, that's all I have for this week. Next week these will debut at the Tate Modern, where I will be giving a five hour lecture on the significance of ostrich beaks in the 21st Century.

OK, OK, confession time. These are NOT pieces of modern art, even if the descriptions I wrote up are probably pretentious and stupid enough for them to qualify. This IS Weekend Silliness after all. I made the man during Turn 3 of that video report with 'Scape from a while back. He then destroyed it. So I made a dog. And he destroyed that too.


Fuzzbuket said…
destroying modern art?! get the art police on him sir :P lol

Cyberscape7 said…
Hey, he wasn't innocent. He destroyed a historic artefact (i.e. necron).

So It's a question of what is more important; modern art or historic artefacts :P