One Year On And Still Snowed Under

It's ironic. It hailed briefly today. And my post title is snow-based. Anyway, this is my 'Wow, one whole year' post.

Wow, one whole year.

Right, that's that out the way. So now I can make my proper speech. I've been thinking. Since the merger, what is Bryssling? I can cover so many things, but really, I need to boil it down to the key elements. Here's my attempt.

Bryssling is innovation. I started out a guest writer, thinking up concepts and custom rules and trying not to fit into the standard hobby template. That innovation quickly spread to article titles and post ideas. I've written haiku poetry. I've assumed the mantle of the Clarkson of 40k. I've used puppets to make a point. And now I have the skills to convert things.

Bryssling is subversion. I'm relatively young in the grand scheme of things, but I've never thought of myself as a stereotypical youth. I have a great appreciation of old things which some of my peers don't have. Take conventional mail for example. Without it these wouldn't have turned up yesterday:

My four new old Tomb Blades. They came with some work done to the guns and other details. I really like these models for their retro charm. The GW art of the Blades doesn't really appeal to me.

Bryssling is also captions, by the way.

No idea why this has been added. Emphasis, perhaps?
Bryssling is normality. In today's world, it's a greater achievement to never win an achievement than it is to win some achievements. I am not a master painter, converter, general or hobby paragon, nor do I pretend to be. I have the much harder job of pretending to be a sane human being.

Bryssling is never being satisfied. Take a look at my hobby desk:

And that's not including the Ark which still needs a basecoat. Will I ever finish everything I have at one particular time? No. Because by then I'll have a new project. Despite my unending hatred of my recording voice, I did a semi-video report. But as I don't own a tripod and I don't want to leave my irreverent writing style behind, slides fit me better.

Bryssling is self-deprecating. I know full well I just spouted a shedload of buzzwords. And I apologise. What you need instead is something more short and sweet. Here, have this snapshot of one year of Bryssling, representing nearly everything I just said.

Oh, and that thing in the background? That's a Catacomb Command Rhino. Just because I can. You haven't heard the last of me yet.

I wonder if I should mount Mega-Emperor on a biker base...


Fuzzbuket said…
your becoming more scyuzophrenic than brent :P
Master Bryss said…
I prefer not to use my real personality on the internet as it is arguably weirder than the standard Bryss style. Sometimes I just let it creep in though.

You haven't met my Russian alter-ego Sergei Murderinski yet for one thing...