More Necron Updates- Overlord & Tomb Blade

Hmm, my post rate's really gone up as of late. No idea why. Normal service will probably resume in a few weeks. This has been lying around for a week and a bit now. Anyway, to business.

I've been working away at the increasingly large pile of Necron stuff on my painting table...well, I say table, it's a piece of chipboard I use to paint the despairingly large Necron force on my windowsill. Anyway, first up is the Tomb Blade, who cameoed in his fully painted state last time:

Like I said before, it had received a coat of Boltgun Metal or something like it before I received it, so all I've done is given parts of it a bronze trim, done the eye and wiring in green and washed it in Badab Black. The important thing is that it doesn't just look like a metal blob anymore.

The other good thing is that the magnets seem to be doing their job, but I still don't like moving it in too jiggly a fashion. Thankfully, the other four are able to be mounted on standard flying stands.

The other thing I managed to do was the plastic Overlord, who again cameoed last time on the Catacomb Command Rhino.

Again, workmanlike, which is how I view the painting side anyway. I'd much rather game, but I like to do a little bit of work.

Other things I don't have pictures of yet....well, I started Trazyn, he's about done, I think. I've been a bit stuck about how I want to paint the Barge as I don't have a typical pattern for my Necron vehicles, but I think I know how I want it now. But that's a big 'I think.'

Oh, and as of soon, that Tomb Blade will no longer be in a squad of one. I've bought four more just like him (for even cheaper per model than the current one may I add) so I will have a full squadron. Unfortunately, I will have to paint these ones entirely from scratch. (You can tell I wrote this before the new four came in the post, right?) And to be honest, I think that's all I want to do with Necrons for now (wait, what? Second Wave? Stalkers? Szeras? Zahndrekh? I'm in...). My next project will probably be expanding the Inquisition side of the Exercitus, with psykers and death-cult assassins.

If 'Scape is reading the signs and paying attention to my thankless demands, he'll have picked up on me wanting Wyches for my birthday. They will be the basis of my Death Cult. I also want to use Empire Wizards as a base for psykers. Sigh... so much imagination, so little funds.