End Of March Hobby Update

Well, that's the traditional April Fool's post over and done with.  In other news, stuff has happened hobbywise! In no particular order....

Fridgey the Talos and the spare bits Cronos received paint at long last.

Yeah, terrible freehand is terrible. But I just needed to mark it as a Spirit Vortex in some way until I can find a better alternative.

Comparison shot with the old and new Taloi. The new one is noticeably cleaner, with less gratuitous gold abuse (I went instead for limited amounts of Dwarf Bronze). But importantly, both retain the Abyss/metallic blue pattern that is the hallmark of my Dark Eldar. I have also painted my Razorwing, but no pics yet. On to Necron stuff.

Examples of the 2 new Warriors and 4 new Scarabs. Pretty basic as it goes, but that's how my Necron army is.
I've noticed that Disqus doesn't seem to want to load on the blog, after 'Scape so kindly pointed it out to me. I'll get round to fixing it somehow. Or not, seeing as it simply refuses to do anything I want it to. Shame, it was so convenient...
Oh, and look what turned up in the Bryssling mail box last Saturday!


Yep, that's a classic Destroyer. I bought it for about a tenner on eBay and it turned up, pre-painted in what I assume is Boltgun Metal. The only thing wrong with it is that I can't insert a flying stand properly, but that's fixable with magnetism. I'm going to use it as a Tomb Blade with a particle beamer.

Now that we're into April, I suppose I'm going to have to think about Bryssling's one-year anniversary. No idea what I'll do for that...

Oh, and just because I can, here's the Google Translate version of yesterday's post (with errors corrected mind):

"Top Bryss omnicidal Outline the Necrons

Hello and welcome to Top Bryss! Today, we will examine omnicidal Necron army, box both miniatures and standards on the table.

First, examine the box. The box can build omnicidal omnicidal or Immortals. It offers great flexibility, but opinio that the comparison between omnicidal and Immortals is not reasonable. Immortals are more useful than a kitchen, but on the other side of the coin, omnicidal has a very small niche in the army, like a bear dancer. I think most people use this box to build Immortals, a great parody, right?

In a game of Warhammer 40,000, have a special rule omnicidal very powerful, because omnicidal can hurt a designated group in 2 +, but this rule is better with a group of 10 omnicidal, which is very expensive. In addition, omnicidal have a special way of Deep Strike, but not very useful because their enemies have a chance to kill them first.

In conclusion, omnicidal are useless in most cases, like a turtle in an athletic contest. But the miniatures are beautiful, with an eye and a long carbine, like a Cyclops metal.

I hope you enjoy this presentation. Sought by Spanish grammarians points, but not found. Posts normal in a few days! "


Fuzzbuket said…
that old destryer us reakk cool! i would make the pilot stand out a bit nire as hes sorta hard to spot! and with the talos comparison your painting is improving a lot :D