Brysstory: Cadian Bikers

You never forget your first. That's a general rule for many things. It also goes for rules writing. This is the first ever entry I drafted up all the way back in October 2009 for a basic Cadian Biker unit. I'm finally writing the first Brysstory article, a series which will bring all the stuff I did hobbywise before I had this blog into the blog where it's more accessible. Anyway, here's the entry:

Cadian Bikers: 80 points

WS     BS    S     T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv
  3         3      3   3(4) 1      3     1     7     4+     (The Sergeant had identical stats but +1A and Ld)

Unit: 4 Cadian Bikers and 1 Biker Sergeant
Equipment: Cadian Bike w/twin-linked lasgun, laspistol, frag grenades.
Unit Type: Bikes

  • Add up to 5 additional Bikers for 15 points each
  • For every 5 Guardsmen one may replace his laspistol with:
    • a grenade launcher or flamer for 5pts
    • meltagun for 10pts 
    • a plasma gun for 15pts.
  • The Sergeant may exchange his laspistol for:
    •  a power weapon or plasma pistol for 10pts,
    •  a powerfist for 15 pts
  • The Sergeant may take melta bombs for 5pts
  • The entire squad may become Veterans for 3pts a bike and benefit from +1 BS. They have the same options, and may take the Scouts special rule at the cost of +20 points for the unit or the Skilled Rider special rule for +15 points for the whole unit.
  • Command Squads may take Bikes at a cost of +10 points per model for the whole squad. If the squad takes Bikes their Toughness changes to 3(4) and Cadian Bikers may be taken as a Troops choice if the squad is at full size. They may buy the Skilled Rider ability for +15 points for the squad.

Basic, with some added shenanigans for Veterans and Command Squads. We'll visit this unit again when I will upgrade them to what I now think the unit should be, in a more acceptable format. But before that, I have something special lined up for the weekend.

Something a little different to the norm, but more substantial than Weekend Silliness. See you then.