Bryssling: Now With Let's Play!

M-hmm. This the Big News. As you know, I like to use the weekend post for a bit of Weekend Silliness. However, I wanted to do something a bit more substantial too. So, for my last post of April (the 30th is my birthday so I'm off to celebrate) I decided to do some Let's Play. For those who don't know what this is, TV Tropes has a good explanation.

As a child, I enjoyed the Robot Wars TV show, and have fond memories of the Arenas of Destruction PS2 game. However, that's not what I'm playing. Instead, I'm going to Let's Play all the Game Boy Robot Wars games, no matter how bad they may be. And the first one is something, let me tell you.

As with my video batreps, the snarky alt-text is back, if annoyingly blurry (I shall try to fix it for later videos), and there seems to be a lag issue, but no matter. This is Bryssling, so we shall be ambitious but rubbish, as we aspire to be. Enjoy. The first one is for GBC, so it doesn't really benefit from a bigger screen.