1st Anniversary! Necrons VS Dark Eldar

We finally made it. One year of Bryssling. In this time I have amassed all of 24 followers, learned the proper way to run a blog from the driving seat, merged with a bigger blog with the net effect of creating a smaller one with more posts than is humanly possible for one year and mastered the art of puppetry.

I'll do a more formal celebration post later. Anyway, to business. I have a new battle report for you. Today is the day you learn just how much I hate the sound of my own voice. My apologies for how midgety the video looks on here, I'm sure that can be improved but I need to work out how. And you'll need it bigger to read the alt text, which essentially functions as a blog post within a video, written in traditional Bryssling style.

It's two classic Bryssling armies, 'Scape's Necrons and my Dark Eldar, in a 2000 point clash in slideshow form. I won't do real video until I actually own a tripod. Enjoy.


Fuzzbuket said…
happy 1st :D is there cakes? i want cake!