Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bryssling: Now With Let's Play!

M-hmm. This the Big News. As you know, I like to use the weekend post for a bit of Weekend Silliness. However, I wanted to do something a bit more substantial too. So, for my last post of April (the 30th is my birthday so I'm off to celebrate) I decided to do some Let's Play. For those who don't know what this is, TV Tropes has a good explanation.

As a child, I enjoyed the Robot Wars TV show, and have fond memories of the Arenas of Destruction PS2 game. However, that's not what I'm playing. Instead, I'm going to Let's Play all the Game Boy Robot Wars games, no matter how bad they may be. And the first one is something, let me tell you.

As with my video batreps, the snarky alt-text is back, if annoyingly blurry (I shall try to fix it for later videos), and there seems to be a lag issue, but no matter. This is Bryssling, so we shall be ambitious but rubbish, as we aspire to be. Enjoy. The first one is for GBC, so it doesn't really benefit from a bigger screen.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Brysstory: Cadian Bikers

You never forget your first. That's a general rule for many things. It also goes for rules writing. This is the first ever entry I drafted up all the way back in October 2009 for a basic Cadian Biker unit. I'm finally writing the first Brysstory article, a series which will bring all the stuff I did hobbywise before I had this blog into the blog where it's more accessible. Anyway, here's the entry:

Cadian Bikers: 80 points

WS     BS    S     T    W    I    A    Ld    Sv
  3         3      3   3(4) 1      3     1     7     4+     (The Sergeant had identical stats but +1A and Ld)

Unit: 4 Cadian Bikers and 1 Biker Sergeant
Equipment: Cadian Bike w/twin-linked lasgun, laspistol, frag grenades.
Unit Type: Bikes

  • Add up to 5 additional Bikers for 15 points each
  • For every 5 Guardsmen one may replace his laspistol with:
    • a grenade launcher or flamer for 5pts
    • meltagun for 10pts 
    • a plasma gun for 15pts.
  • The Sergeant may exchange his laspistol for:
    •  a power weapon or plasma pistol for 10pts,
    •  a powerfist for 15 pts
  • The Sergeant may take melta bombs for 5pts
  • The entire squad may become Veterans for 3pts a bike and benefit from +1 BS. They have the same options, and may take the Scouts special rule at the cost of +20 points for the unit or the Skilled Rider special rule for +15 points for the whole unit.
  • Command Squads may take Bikes at a cost of +10 points per model for the whole squad. If the squad takes Bikes their Toughness changes to 3(4) and Cadian Bikers may be taken as a Troops choice if the squad is at full size. They may buy the Skilled Rider ability for +15 points for the squad.

Basic, with some added shenanigans for Veterans and Command Squads. We'll visit this unit again when I will upgrade them to what I now think the unit should be, in a more acceptable format. But before that, I have something special lined up for the weekend.

Something a little different to the norm, but more substantial than Weekend Silliness. See you then.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weekend Silliness: Modern Art

Today, we at Bryssling are celebrating the launch of our Modern Art Division. I hope that by sharing these pieces with you all, you might gain a little insight into your lives.

Here stands the gambler
Fall, forever uncertain
Always ruled by luck.

I call this one "Man With Dice." It celebrates the uncertaintly of life, how you may seem to be the luckiest person alive but at your heart you are a mediocre waste of time, hence why the head is made only of 2s. The core is two big 4s, representing a solid foundation on which to build your life. The entire piece is symmetrical, to show that it could go either way.

Moving on to the next piece:

Faithful companion,
Could fall at any notice,
Whining as it goes.

This one is called "Lucky Dog," and requires some explanation. I lost my cat to a road accident when I was young, but the only reason I knew that is because it had the strength to limp home and tell us. It was a brave and powerful moment, and years later I now realise that even the most loved of companions is subject to the same rules as the rest of us, and the same level of mediocrity, hence why the head is identical to that of the man. The core is three 6s to represent our perception of our animals, that they are lucky to have us.

Anyway, that's all I have for this week. Next week these will debut at the Tate Modern, where I will be giving a five hour lecture on the significance of ostrich beaks in the 21st Century.

OK, OK, confession time. These are NOT pieces of modern art, even if the descriptions I wrote up are probably pretentious and stupid enough for them to qualify. This IS Weekend Silliness after all. I made the man during Turn 3 of that video report with 'Scape from a while back. He then destroyed it. So I made a dog. And he destroyed that too.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More Necron Updates- Overlord & Tomb Blade

Hmm, my post rate's really gone up as of late. No idea why. Normal service will probably resume in a few weeks. This has been lying around for a week and a bit now. Anyway, to business.

I've been working away at the increasingly large pile of Necron stuff on my painting table...well, I say table, it's a piece of chipboard I use to paint the despairingly large Necron force on my windowsill. Anyway, first up is the Tomb Blade, who cameoed in his fully painted state last time:

Like I said before, it had received a coat of Boltgun Metal or something like it before I received it, so all I've done is given parts of it a bronze trim, done the eye and wiring in green and washed it in Badab Black. The important thing is that it doesn't just look like a metal blob anymore.

The other good thing is that the magnets seem to be doing their job, but I still don't like moving it in too jiggly a fashion. Thankfully, the other four are able to be mounted on standard flying stands.

The other thing I managed to do was the plastic Overlord, who again cameoed last time on the Catacomb Command Rhino.

Again, workmanlike, which is how I view the painting side anyway. I'd much rather game, but I like to do a little bit of work.

Other things I don't have pictures of yet....well, I started Trazyn, he's about done, I think. I've been a bit stuck about how I want to paint the Barge as I don't have a typical pattern for my Necron vehicles, but I think I know how I want it now. But that's a big 'I think.'

Oh, and as of soon, that Tomb Blade will no longer be in a squad of one. I've bought four more just like him (for even cheaper per model than the current one may I add) so I will have a full squadron. Unfortunately, I will have to paint these ones entirely from scratch. (You can tell I wrote this before the new four came in the post, right?) And to be honest, I think that's all I want to do with Necrons for now (wait, what? Second Wave? Stalkers? Szeras? Zahndrekh? I'm in...). My next project will probably be expanding the Inquisition side of the Exercitus, with psykers and death-cult assassins.

If 'Scape is reading the signs and paying attention to my thankless demands, he'll have picked up on me wanting Wyches for my birthday. They will be the basis of my Death Cult. I also want to use Empire Wizards as a base for psykers. Sigh... so much imagination, so little funds.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

One Year On And Still Snowed Under

It's ironic. It hailed briefly today. And my post title is snow-based. Anyway, this is my 'Wow, one whole year' post.

Wow, one whole year.

Right, that's that out the way. So now I can make my proper speech. I've been thinking. Since the merger, what is Bryssling? I can cover so many things, but really, I need to boil it down to the key elements. Here's my attempt.

Bryssling is innovation. I started out a guest writer, thinking up concepts and custom rules and trying not to fit into the standard hobby template. That innovation quickly spread to article titles and post ideas. I've written haiku poetry. I've assumed the mantle of the Clarkson of 40k. I've used puppets to make a point. And now I have the skills to convert things.

Bryssling is subversion. I'm relatively young in the grand scheme of things, but I've never thought of myself as a stereotypical youth. I have a great appreciation of old things which some of my peers don't have. Take conventional mail for example. Without it these wouldn't have turned up yesterday:

My four new old Tomb Blades. They came with some work done to the guns and other details. I really like these models for their retro charm. The GW art of the Blades doesn't really appeal to me.

Bryssling is also captions, by the way.

No idea why this has been added. Emphasis, perhaps?
Bryssling is normality. In today's world, it's a greater achievement to never win an achievement than it is to win some achievements. I am not a master painter, converter, general or hobby paragon, nor do I pretend to be. I have the much harder job of pretending to be a sane human being.

Bryssling is never being satisfied. Take a look at my hobby desk:

And that's not including the Ark which still needs a basecoat. Will I ever finish everything I have at one particular time? No. Because by then I'll have a new project. Despite my unending hatred of my recording voice, I did a semi-video report. But as I don't own a tripod and I don't want to leave my irreverent writing style behind, slides fit me better.

Bryssling is self-deprecating. I know full well I just spouted a shedload of buzzwords. And I apologise. What you need instead is something more short and sweet. Here, have this snapshot of one year of Bryssling, representing nearly everything I just said.

Oh, and that thing in the background? That's a Catacomb Command Rhino. Just because I can. You haven't heard the last of me yet.

I wonder if I should mount Mega-Emperor on a biker base...

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

1st Anniversary! Necrons VS Dark Eldar

We finally made it. One year of Bryssling. In this time I have amassed all of 24 followers, learned the proper way to run a blog from the driving seat, merged with a bigger blog with the net effect of creating a smaller one with more posts than is humanly possible for one year and mastered the art of puppetry.

I'll do a more formal celebration post later. Anyway, to business. I have a new battle report for you. Today is the day you learn just how much I hate the sound of my own voice. My apologies for how midgety the video looks on here, I'm sure that can be improved but I need to work out how. And you'll need it bigger to read the alt text, which essentially functions as a blog post within a video, written in traditional Bryssling style.

It's two classic Bryssling armies, 'Scape's Necrons and my Dark Eldar, in a 2000 point clash in slideshow form. I won't do real video until I actually own a tripod. Enjoy.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Weekend Silliness: Sniper What?

It's the return of Weekend Silliness, for a while, at least. After all, I need a chance to relax before the first anniversary, right?

So, today, I had a conundrum. One of the posts I absorbed from RulesMan has an absurdly high view count compared to everything else here, the article on how to fix sniper weapons to make them more effective which I won't link to because I don't want to do any more damage. This was after receiving comments in Russian, the only word of which I recognised was 'Dragunov.'

Anyway, I had to figure out the reason for this, as currently my posts aren't accumulating as many views as my daily hits would suggest, and so set my top researcher and the third Top Bryss presenter to work:

Say what you want about realism, it took me ages to get him to stand upright. Meet Sooty, researcher extraordinaire, terrible magician and fellow Latin assistant (yes, I use puppets to teach first year pupils, it's brilliant). Anyway, his amazing powers of search-fu revealed that upon typing the word 'sniper' into Google images, the first pic of the offending article is on the top row of matches found. This annoys me, as it skews the statistics so I don't know how many people are actually reading this for actual wargame-based content.

I've since removed the images from the article, but they still show up in Google images. I'm not going to be rid of this for a long time, it seems.Ah well, could be worse. It could have been traffic from Bake-A-Box Cupcakes I was getting for no apparent reason (ever figure that out, Fuzz?)

Anyway, I've been preparing a small something for the first anniversary that you should see very soon. It's something I found a little weird to do, but I think it's OK for a first attempt. And no, it's not gettting to see what the rest of my head looks like. I draw the line there. If you're nice, one day I'll give you a puppet show. Maaybe. I'd need a script...

-runs off furiously with new blog ideas brewing in head...

Monday, 2 April 2012

End Of March Hobby Update

Well, that's the traditional April Fool's post over and done with.  In other news, stuff has happened hobbywise! In no particular order....

Fridgey the Talos and the spare bits Cronos received paint at long last.

Yeah, terrible freehand is terrible. But I just needed to mark it as a Spirit Vortex in some way until I can find a better alternative.

Comparison shot with the old and new Taloi. The new one is noticeably cleaner, with less gratuitous gold abuse (I went instead for limited amounts of Dwarf Bronze). But importantly, both retain the Abyss/metallic blue pattern that is the hallmark of my Dark Eldar. I have also painted my Razorwing, but no pics yet. On to Necron stuff.

Examples of the 2 new Warriors and 4 new Scarabs. Pretty basic as it goes, but that's how my Necron army is.
I've noticed that Disqus doesn't seem to want to load on the blog, after 'Scape so kindly pointed it out to me. I'll get round to fixing it somehow. Or not, seeing as it simply refuses to do anything I want it to. Shame, it was so convenient...
Oh, and look what turned up in the Bryssling mail box last Saturday!


Yep, that's a classic Destroyer. I bought it for about a tenner on eBay and it turned up, pre-painted in what I assume is Boltgun Metal. The only thing wrong with it is that I can't insert a flying stand properly, but that's fixable with magnetism. I'm going to use it as a Tomb Blade with a particle beamer.

Now that we're into April, I suppose I'm going to have to think about Bryssling's one-year anniversary. No idea what I'll do for that...

Oh, and just because I can, here's the Google Translate version of yesterday's post (with errors corrected mind):

"Top Bryss omnicidal Outline the Necrons

Hello and welcome to Top Bryss! Today, we will examine omnicidal Necron army, box both miniatures and standards on the table.

First, examine the box. The box can build omnicidal omnicidal or Immortals. It offers great flexibility, but opinio that the comparison between omnicidal and Immortals is not reasonable. Immortals are more useful than a kitchen, but on the other side of the coin, omnicidal has a very small niche in the army, like a bear dancer. I think most people use this box to build Immortals, a great parody, right?

In a game of Warhammer 40,000, have a special rule omnicidal very powerful, because omnicidal can hurt a designated group in 2 +, but this rule is better with a group of 10 omnicidal, which is very expensive. In addition, omnicidal have a special way of Deep Strike, but not very useful because their enemies have a chance to kill them first.

In conclusion, omnicidal are useless in most cases, like a turtle in an athletic contest. But the miniatures are beautiful, with an eye and a long carbine, like a Cyclops metal.

I hope you enjoy this presentation. Sought by Spanish grammarians points, but not found. Posts normal in a few days! "

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Top Bryss Resen(squiggle)a los Omnicidas Necrons

(upsidedownexclamationmark)Hola y bienvidos a Top Bryss! Hoy, vamos a examinar Omnicidas del ejercito Necron, ambos la carta de miniaturas y los normas en la mesa.

Primero, examinemos la carta. La carta de Omnicidas puede construir Omnicidas o Inmortales. Ofrece mucha flexibilidad, pero opinio que la comparacio(accent)n entre Omnicidas y Inmortales no es razonable. Inmortales son ma(accent)s utiles que una cocina, pero en la otra cara de la moneda, Omnicidas tiene un nicho muy pequen(squiggle)o en el ejercito, como un oso bailarino. Creo que la mayoria de la gente utiliza esta carta para construir Inmortales, una parodia muy grande, (upsidedownquestionmark)no?

En un juego de Warhammer 40,000, Omnicidas tienen una norma especial muy poderosa, porque Omnicidas pueden herir un grupo designado en 2+, pero esta norma es mejor con un grupo de 10 Omnicidas, que es muy carro. Ade(accent)mas, Omnicidas tienen un modo especial de Deep Strike, pero no es muy util porque sus enimigos tienen la oportunidad primera de matarlos.

En conclusio(accent)n, Omnicidas son inutiles en la mayoria de casos, como una tortuga en un concurso atletico. Pero las miniaturas son muy guapas, con un ojo y una carbina larga, como un Ci(accent)clope meta(accent)lico.

Espero que (usted) disfruten esta presentacio(accent)n. Buscaba por los puntos gramaticos espan(squiggle)oles, pero no los encontre(accent). (upsidedownexclamationamark)Puestos normales en pocos dias!