Top Bryss Looks At The Rapier Laser Destroyer Rules

Tonight, 'Scape drives on a road, Sooty hurts his eyes reading the green text, and I freak out over the news of no more Necron Abyss supplies..

Hello, and welcome to a short Top Bryss! If you pay attention to the green text, you'll notice we have a new presenter rather than two of them being different names for me. We'll introduce him properly later. For now, this:

The Rapier. At first glance, it resembles a miniature Land Raider but with a massive laser cannon welded to the front. And you'd be right. However, this is in fact a piece of artillery, which means inevitably we must compare it to the Thunderfire Cannon. This makes it look really rather good. It's 40 points cheaper, with 1 extra point of armour than the norm for artillery. Furthermore, it has two crew rather than one, and can be bought in squads for more wound-spreading. The weapon itself is reasonably ranged, and competent at its job penetration-wise.

However, it is very easy to compare it favourably to the Thunderfire, in the same way that Angelina Jolie can be compared favourably to the fat slob working in the supermarket. Despite all that it has going for it, it's still a mediocre unit. For one thing, it's a one-shot gun, meaning that if it misses, it's about as useful as a hot tub made of ice. For another, it has the peculiar trait of exploding when it is vanquished, something more likely to affect the crew than your enemy. If anything, that should have lowered the cost a bit.

Now, this is the point where the people who have armies as bland and efficient as a chess army will yammer on about cover, and how much this will help it. However, being as it is a Forge World unit this makes the usual user demographic slightly more casual. And they usually don't care about cover-open space ratios and suchlike. And even if it is in cover, it doesn't take too much to kill six men operating three shots.

So, if I were to make a concluding statement, it would go something like this. The Rapier is better than most of the artillery units out there. But that doesn't save it from being an artillery unit, with the five hundred and four drawbacks that incurs.

EDIT: Having re-read the entry, I have noted that the Rapier is in fact Twin-Linked. This improves its score somewhat, although I am unwilling to give it what classes as an A in the SQA system.

Rating: 6/10


Fuzzbuket said…
sqa grrrrr :P anyways a a for them is just mindless drivel mixed with big words, a rapier is fun so it gets a F :P