RulesMan: Planning the Disciples of Sa'Maa

Right, I feel like I need to get back into doing this on a more regular basis after spending so much time on the hobby front. Before the good ship RulesMan sank, I alluded to and gave examples of units from a project tentatively dubbed 'The Disciples of Sky.' The premise is really quite simple: they're a sort of alt-Ecclesiarchy, a religious sect based on the worship of an Imperial saint whose soul was taken by the Dark Powers at the end of her life and warped into something else entirely. Reborn as a mad daemon, this former saint revealed herself to already slightly-deranged members of the Ecclesiarchy, who broke off and formed a religion of evil.

Not that you'd know it from talking to them. Rather than being a bunch of fanatical nutjobs, the Disciples have exacted careful, small scale plans and gradually emerged with a competent, intelligent worshipper base. In the grand scale of things, they're tiny, but they're a recognisable threat in their local star systems.

So, some basics:


Caliph: This is your basic commandery type. Rather than having proper force leaders, I've opted to have Haemonculus/Cryptek-type leaders. The idea is to have three or four Caliphs per slot, who get some basic morale and ability enhancing gear.

Safekeeper: This is your in-your-face heroey type. Named for the fact that when they're not in battle they guard vaults of holy relics. Can choose to specialise in shooting or combat.


Disciple Squad: Your basic trooper. Comes in three flavours, Attacker (short-range), Blaster (long-range) and Jammer (anti-vehicle). Themed names are forthcoming. Probably.


Bullfrog: It's a quadrupedal tank that carries stuff without fear of terrain. Disciple transport will either have legs or float, never tracks for religious reasons.


High Caliph Asum: Currently my only planned Unique. A very old man carrying a staff with the power to unleash plagues against certain model types.

Buraq Light Interceptor: A gun platform operated and partially powered by two detachable jetbikes. Like the Command Barge, the bikers will be able to negate a weapon destroyed/immobilised result at the cost of cutting movement speed in half. They can also abandon the platform, making it an immobile turret while they go to contest something. Fast Attack.

Golem Automatic Walker: Giant powered by magic. Can be cheaper, weak Scrap or stronger, more expensive Ferrosteel. I'm thinking of allowing it to throw wrecked vehicles as an attack, which could explode from the extra damage or potentially be used to block. Heavy Support. I don't know whether I want to make it a Monster or a Vehicle. Or I could be bold, and make it both. How? Witchery, of course.

The R-Save: A lot of Disciple armour is R-Save, meaning it must be re-rolled if passed. Disciples have Plated Robes that grant R3+, which is about a 44% pass rate and a happy medium between 4+ and 5+. Every non-vehicle model in the army will have an Invulnerable Save of at least R6+, which is more of a character thing than an actual advantage as the success rate is about 4%

Light Weapons: Many Disciple units have a secondary wargear item that grants them either better BS or a single S1 shot that ignores all types of save.

Throwing Knives: Rather than ordinary pistols, Disciples carry a brace of throwing knives. These are fired in the Assault Phase in lieu of using grenades and can do damage with either the initial attack or in a special (weaker) retrieval move. It's an interesting new take on the S3 combat unit.

That's all my initial ideas for this project. It's intended as a concept army, trying out new things and bizarre ideas. Plus, it would cost me lots of monies to actually make the army.