Rules Repair: Necron Destroyers

Welcome back to me actually doing what I would have done at RulesMan! And can I just say how excellent it is to be doing so. Anyway, today I'm looking at the Destroyer and how to fix it.

The first thing we need to do is examine where the Destroyer stands in the new book. It's Jump Infantry, has a weaker Starcannon and can upgrade to something a bit more rangey. It costs double the points of the heir apparent, Tomb Blades. If I upgrade the Tomb Blade to the Retrocron Destroyerlike (a 3+ save and particle beamer), they are equal in cost but one is clearly superior. Especially since in most cases a one wound model won't care that it doesn't have natural T5.

Now, what the purists (the ones that approve of custom rules anyway) would do is probably turn it back into what it was before and keep the new price. This creates an X vs Y scenario. On the one hand, the Destroyer is more likely to pass a T test (minor plus), needs not rely on good Scatter (strong plus) and has better AP (minor plus as this only matters against 4+ armies like Eldar and, err, Necron Warriors, I guess?). The Tomb Blade has....nothing much in its favour. It might score more hits, and can swap armour for cover. Therefore I don't want to do this. It turns Tomb Blades into the equivalent of Scout Bikes, and who uses those again?

What I really ought to do is make Destroyers in their new state a viable option. OK, let's throw this out:

Necron Destroyers: Same points per model

Statline Changes: None

Wargear Changes: The Gauss Cannon may be fired in either Low or High Gauss Concentration. High Concentration uses the current Gauss Cannon profile however is promoted to S6, Low Concentration uses this profile:

Range     Strength    AP         Type
 36"               5             5        Assault 3

Special Rules Changes: Destroyers become Jump Infantry (Jet Pack).

Well now, the situation isn't so clear cut any more, is it? By keeping it Jump Infantry, it keeps an element of difference to the Tomb Blade. Like a certain other infantry weapon with 'Cannon' in its name it has two profiles. It, and by extension the Heavy Destroyer, gain a JSJ move. I did toy with also allowing them to retain a 12" move but that makes Heavies really, really good.

The fake Starcannon is now a real(ish) one, which makes it slighly more plausible as a threat and makes the regular Destro  better equipped to support their heavier brethren rather than being useless ablative wounds you'd never take.

That's all for now. If it doesn't work out, or you think it should be 45 points, etc., let me know. I was swithering between 40 and 45 (in which case the Heavy upgrade drops in cost by 5), so if the other makes more sense I'd like to know.