Minor Updates!

Right, I've managed to get my dissertation and final Spanish Speaking Test done and dusted. Woot. Now I can resume work again. Current to-do list looks like this:

  • Paint Talos
  • Paint Razorwing
  • Paint Deathmarks
  • Paint Overlord
  • Paint Barge
  • Paint Trazyn
I also finished the Cronos and a couple of Warriors, so I'll try to put them up soonish. They're basic, but they're evidence of me doing actual hobbying, so they'll do. Additionally, I'll try to do more Sa'Maa stuff as well as start a new custom rules series.

The tentative title for this is "Warhammer 40k Races in Four Units," with the purpose of boiling down lots of factions and sub-factions into Kill Team style lists. This will typically consist of a Sarge-type commander, a Troop and two other units, modified as I see fit. I'll kick off with Space Mari...nah, I won't, you'd expect that. I'll start with Necrons.