High Gothic For Dummies #7

At long last, I'm back for Tyranids #3. There aren't many left to go, which is good because at the time of writing I need to be out the house in an hour for a wedding. Let's plunge into Heavy Support.

Zoanthrope: tyranicus animus aborrens. This one stumped me. I know the first bit is 'Mind Tyranid,' but I can't find aborrens anywhere. I first thought it was the present participle of the verb aborior, 'to miscarry,' but it isn't. Even if that would suggest it's a horrible abomination that shouldn't have been born.

Biovore: tyranicus patris boletus. Despite the two words seemingly swapping cases, this is 'Mushroom Father Tyranid.' Very appropriate for the skillset of this particular beast.

Carnifex: The Carnifex gets its own genus, that's how awesome it used to be. The 4th edition book gives 3 possible names for different biomorph configurations.

  • carnifex voracio- They were aiming for "Ravenous Executioner." I'm assuming this could be any Carnifex.
  • carnifex ululare-  "Howling Executioner." This probably points to the classic 'Screamer-Killer' variant with a pair of scything talons.
  • carnifex arbilys - I have no idea what the bit that doesn't mean 'Executioner' is supposed to be, and neither does my dictionary.
Dominatrix: tyranicus praepotens. Moving up to the really massive stuff, this is 'Very Powerful Tyranid.'

Norn Queen: tyranicus primogenitor. 'First Creator Tyranid.' Unsurprising.

Prandium: Not actually a Tyranid, but I'm including it to round off the 'Nid section. This planet was one of the first to be devoured by the race, and means 'Lunch.'

And so, having exhausted the 4th edition Tyranid book, the High Gothic series can give itself a pat on the back and rest for a bit.