40k Races In Four Units: Space Marines

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I'm getting sidetracked. Today's 40k RIFU is one of the most difficult of them all: Space Marines. You see, the problem with Marines is that they're so similar it's hard to find actual distinct units within the book. But I'm going to try anyway.

TACTICAL MARINES: This is the most obvious and mandatory unit choice. The Tactical Marine is the Space Marine in his base form; tough, mid-to-short range and flexible, what with the grenades and everything. It's a nigh-on auto include for this article, and for that reason they go in the list.

Now, this is where it gets difficult. The article premise means I can't include vehicles, and there are so many bland units in the book that don't add very much to the overall impression. After some more thinking, my second choice is...

TERMINATORS: The Terminator at its core is a model designed to shout "Look how implacable I am!" Doubly so for their Assault counterparts. They represent the element of frustration present within rival players as you jammily pass all your saves with your 2+ shenanigans. Even if their army does the same thing, they will still encounter frustration, it's just that easy to negate damage. For that reason, they're on the list.

BIKERS: The Biker represents a key tenet of most Marine armies: that of being really rather tough but still having the power of mobility. They're also really flexible, able to keep bolters but also gain special weapons to bust tanks. They don't sacrifice any skill to concentrate on another, and for that reason, they're on the lists.

TECHMARINES: Wait, what? Right, listen here you. Techmarines are terrible. But if they were good, they wouldn't deserve a place on this list. Why? Because Techmarines represent how samey all Marine armies really are at their heart. These armies punish uniqueness in favour of more generic awesome power armour dudes with melta guns. The Techmarines suffer for being a special snowflake in an army that doesn't want that, and that's the reason why they're on the list. Got it?

Well, this means we now have two armies done, with another to come. That's coming soon-ish. Probably after I receive a certain something in the mail...