40k Races In Four Units: Necrons

Yep, new series time! In this series, which may or may not help new people in choosing what race to play as, I shall boil down armies into a small, condensed list. I'll begin with Necrons.

But before I do that, some ground rules. The four units will consist of non vehicles only except in extreme circumstances. This isn't because they're not iconic, rather the flipside. Each army has a unique vehicle aesthetic template, and therefore adding one vehicle to the list doesn't work as well. Also, I'm taking in iconic units of both gameplay and fluff. Certain armies may contain bias towards one side or the other. Let's begin.

Necrons In Four Units

You'll notice I've used the old Codex cover. This is because, to me, it fits the overall theme of the Necrons better than the 'Hey, look at me, I'm an Overlord' cover of the new book. Anyway, the four iconic units of Necrons are:

IMMORTALS: Wait, what? Not Warriors? No, not Warriors. Why? Immortals ARE Warriors. The old ones, anyway. They emphasise the tenets of the classic 3rd edition Necrons, resilience and short-ranged punch. For that reason, they are the quintessential troop of Necrons, especially for the purists. (I'm looking at you, Kilgore...)

DESTROYERS: If my previous point about fluff and style vs gameplay wasn't clear enough, have another reminder. Destroyers represent(ed) what Necron fire support is about, adding a mobile firepower element at a moderately better range. And they are easy to proxy as Tomb Blades, which are actually all of these things in the current book. However, I'm not sold on the aesthetics of the Blades so can't include them. For that reason, I classify Destroyers as an iconic Necron unit.

CRYPTEKS: Now this is a new unit I CAN iconify. The Cryptek is the single most customisable model in the Necron army, and represents the innovative side of the Necron army. They, like Lords before them, give the player an extra layer of options that often do things no other army can. They prove that Necrons are more than mere machines, and so for that reason they have their name stamped with the Bryssling Imperial Seal into the Hall of Iconic Units.

SCARABS: All the other units I have listed fall into the Necron stereotype of skeletal metal men. All Space Marine units fall into the category of seven foot bodybuilders with rocket-propelled-bullet guns. Scarabs are here because they are not skeletal metal men. They represent the fact that Necrons have an element of difference, the Canoptek units, which have different aesthetics and different roles to play in the army. Plus, they exemplify the classic Necron trait of being really annoying to fight against. For those reasons, they're in the list.

That's all for now. I need to have a go at mending the Destroyer entry. Off I go!