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Top Bryss Looks At The Rapier Laser Destroyer Rules

Tonight, 'Scape drives on a road, Sooty hurts his eyes reading the green text, and I freak out over the news of no more Necron Abyss supplies..

Hello, and welcome to a short Top Bryss! If you pay attention to the green text, you'll notice we have a new presenter rather than two of them being different names for me. We'll introduce him properly later. For now, this:

The Rapier. At first glance, it resembles a miniature Land Raider but with a massive laser cannon welded to the front. And you'd be right. However, this is in fact a piece of artillery, which means inevitably we must compare it to the Thunderfire Cannon. This makes it look really rather good. It's 40 points cheaper, with 1 extra point of armour than the norm for artillery. Furthermore, it has two crew rather than one, and can be bought in squads for more wound-spreading. The weapon itself is reasonably ranged, and competent at its job penetration-wise.
However, it is very easy to compare it favourably to …

40k Races In Four Units: Space Marines

Ooh, fancy new Blogger layout. I personally think it's a little too white but the postwriter looks more like Word now, which is a plus.

I'm getting sidetracked. Today's 40k RIFU is one of the most difficult of them all: Space Marines. You see, the problem with Marines is that they're so similar it's hard to find actual distinct units within the book. But I'm going to try anyway.

TACTICAL MARINES: This is the most obvious and mandatory unit choice. The Tactical Marine is the Space Marine in his base form; tough, mid-to-short range and flexible, what with the grenades and everything. It's a nigh-on auto include for this article, and for that reason they go in the list.

Now, this is where it gets difficult. The article premise means I can't include vehicles, and there are so many bland units in the book that don't add very much to the overall impression. After some more thinking, my second choice is...

TERMINATORS: The Terminator at its core is a model …

Rules Repair: Necron Destroyers

Welcome back to me actually doing what I would have done at RulesMan! And can I just say how excellent it is to be doing so. Anyway, today I'm looking at the Destroyer and how to fix it.

The first thing we need to do is examine where the Destroyer stands in the new book. It's Jump Infantry, has a weaker Starcannon and can upgrade to something a bit more rangey. It costs double the points of the heir apparent, Tomb Blades. If I upgrade the Tomb Blade to the Retrocron Destroyerlike (a 3+ save and particle beamer), they are equal in cost but one is clearly superior. Especially since in most cases a one wound model won't care that it doesn't have natural T5.

Now, what the purists (the ones that approve of custom rules anyway) would do is probably turn it back into what it was before and keep the new price. This creates an X vs Y scenario. On the one hand, the Destroyer is more likely to pass a T test (minor plus), needs not rely on good Scatter (strong plus) and has bett…

40k Races In Four Units: Necrons

Yep, new series time! In this series, which may or may not help new people in choosing what race to play as, I shall boil down armies into a small, condensed list. I'll begin with Necrons.

But before I do that, some ground rules. The four units will consist of non vehicles only except in extreme circumstances. This isn't because they're not iconic, rather the flipside. Each army has a unique vehicle aesthetic template, and therefore adding one vehicle to the list doesn't work as well. Also, I'm taking in iconic units of both gameplay and fluff. Certain armies may contain bias towards one side or the other. Let's begin.

Necrons In Four Units

You'll notice I've used the old Codex cover. This is because, to me, it fits the overall theme of the Necrons better than the 'Hey, look at me, I'm an Overlord' cover of the new book. Anyway, the four iconic units of Necrons are:

IMMORTALS: Wait, what? Not Warriors? No, not Warriors. Why? Immortals ARE War…

Minor Updates!

Right, I've managed to get my dissertation and final Spanish Speaking Test done and dusted. Woot. Now I can resume work again. Current to-do list looks like this:

Paint TalosPaint RazorwingPaint DeathmarksPaint OverlordPaint BargePaint TrazynI also finished the Cronos and a couple of Warriors, so I'll try to put them up soonish. They're basic, but they're evidence of me doing actual hobbying, so they'll do. Additionally, I'll try to do more Sa'Maa stuff as well as start a new custom rules series.

The tentative title for this is "Warhammer 40k Races in Four Units," with the purpose of boiling down lots of factions and sub-factions into Kill Team style lists. This will typically consist of a Sarge-type commander, a Troop and two other units, modified as I see fit. I'll kick off with Space Mari...nah, I won't, you'd expect that. I'll start with Necrons.

High Gothic For Dummies #7

At long last, I'm back for Tyranids #3. There aren't many left to go, which is good because at the time of writing I need to be out the house in an hour for a wedding. Let's plunge into Heavy Support.

Zoanthrope: tyranicus animus aborrens. This one stumped me. I know the first bit is 'Mind Tyranid,' but I can't find aborrens anywhere. I first thought it was the present participle of the verb aborior, 'to miscarry,' but it isn't. Even if that would suggest it's a horrible abomination that shouldn't have been born.

Biovore: tyranicus patris boletus. Despite the two words seemingly swapping cases, this is 'Mushroom Father Tyranid.' Very appropriate for the skillset of this particular beast.

Carnifex: The Carnifex gets its own genus, that's how awesome it used to be. The 4th edition book gives 3 possible names for different biomorph configurations.

carnifex voracio- They were aiming for "Ravenous Executioner." I'm assuming…

Hints for Homebrew: Weaponry

Although clever and characterful unit design is important when writing up your custom army, just as important is the weapons cache you're going to send them into battle with. This is obviously a lot easier when designing a C3 or new Guard regiment, as you have a solid base to work from, adding only a few unique things that are often only trinkets for characters or new units. A new race on the other hand demands you to build up the entire weapon list. I'll cover hints for both these scenarios in this post.

Adding to an existing weapons portfolio

1) X Pattern: The obvious way to add a small distinction to your new Chapter or suchlike is to have some units have a different make of a standard weapon. Ideally this modification will help the unit perform their role within the army or allow them to do something that their parent unit couldn't do before.

Example: Sanguinary Guard. It would obviously be a bit naff to carry a normal bolter if you're a blingy assault unit, on accou…

RulesMan: Planning the Disciples of Sa'Maa

Right, I feel like I need to get back into doing this on a more regular basis after spending so much time on the hobby front. Before the good ship RulesMan sank, I alluded to and gave examples of units from a project tentatively dubbed 'The Disciples of Sky.' The premise is really quite simple: they're a sort of alt-Ecclesiarchy, a religious sect based on the worship of an Imperial saint whose soul was taken by the Dark Powers at the end of her life and warped into something else entirely. Reborn as a mad daemon, this former saint revealed herself to already slightly-deranged members of the Ecclesiarchy, who broke off and formed a religion of evil.

Not that you'd know it from talking to them. Rather than being a bunch of fanatical nutjobs, the Disciples have exacted careful, small scale plans and gradually emerged with a competent, intelligent worshipper base. In the grand scale of things, they're tiny, but they're a recognisable threat in their local star sy…

The Lost RulesMan Articles: Fanfiction

And so, we come to the final lost article from Atrotos, this time from the era when we made a small foray into fanfiction. Unlike the others, I won't try to finish this, but I'll just leave it as is. Enjoy.
Jayla rapped softly on the hardwood doorframe peering around the open door into the dark office beyond.
"Come in," came a gruff voice and Jeyla swallowed hard before straightening her back and striding into the room with a forced air of confidence. Her uniform was neatly pressed and her posture was excellent. Her dress cap, tucked neatly into her sash, was adorned with the three gold pips of a senior lieutenant but her blouse still clung to her awkwardly as she broke into a nervous sweat.
The Judge's office was darkened by the armored slats that smothered the windows and the air was oppressive with the stale scent of cigar smoke and old leather. The walls were lined with massive tomes, some clearly too large to be lifted by an unaided human. Jayla was certain the…