Weekend Silliness: Dark Eldar Car Dangler

Some people have overly large fuzzy dice. Others have that small fairy they bought at Disneyland. Some people have nothing, claiming that these ornaments are silly and distracting. The fools. Everyone knows that small car decorations are a way of setting yourself apart from the mass-produced crowds.

I've been disappointed at the recent lack of hobby posts on RulesMan-Bryssling, so I decided to get back to this. You see, I saw the Raider crew that you're supposed to hang off the edges as pointless and fragile, and decided to find a better purpose for them.

And so, the Dark Eldar Car Dangler. It's really not hard to do. I just built a crewwoman as standard and drilled a small hole through her hairdo roundabout where the hairpin is. I then threaded some thin, err, thread through the hole and wrapped it round one of those sucker things you get with those baskets for hanging up in the shower. A small one, obviously. And then, even more obviously, you put it in your car, like so.

So not only can I tear up the roads of Scotland, I can profess my love of 40k at the same time! Win-win, really.