Thursday, 23 February 2012

High Gothic For Dummies #6

Previously on High Gothic For Dummies: Tyranids...

Stop looking at me like that, it makes sense in context. Anyway, on with explaining the High Gothic names of Tyranids in...

Hormagaunt: gauntii gladius. This utterly originally means 'sword Gaunt.'

Genestealer: corporaptor hominis. 'Body-Robber of Man,' I guess. Makes sense considering the cults and how they operate. Ymgarl Stealers are just corporaptor ymgarli, 'Body-Robber of Ymgarl.'

Broodlord: Unsuprisingly corporaptor primus, which I surely don't need to spell out.

Lictor: tyranicus chameleo. Since the last word is the genus of chameleons, this means... again, I won't spell it out.

Ripper: minoris omniphagea. Ah, looks like our old mate Classical Greek is interfering. phageo is to devour, so this is essentially a 'Small All-Devourer'. That Greek word got borrowed for the word phage, i.e. bacteria. Which is again incredibly appropriate to Rippers.

Ravener: tyranicus ophidius subterra. Well, the only hard word is ophidius, which I'm sure has been Canis Latinicised from ophidia, the sub-order of snakes. So 'Underground Snake Tyranid'. Wow, these are appropriate.

Well, that's your lot for today. When we next return to Tyranids, we'll cover Gargoyles, Biovores, Zoanthropes and Carnifexes.

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