High Gothic For Dummies #5:

I'd love to update more, but... Final Fantasy XIII-2 says otherwise. Yes, I know it's a divisive entry, but my mindset concerning auto-battle and love of pretty things counters you. Now go back to FiSH or whatever. Today it's Dark Eldar... wait, what? Surely not?

Well, yep. You'd be surprised. There's a small bit in there. I suspect this is because the Dark Eldar are the real Romans of 40k, due to their hierarchies, love of gladiator games and importing exotic wildlife, and beautiful, hilarious love poetry. OK, maybe not the last one.

Asdrubael Vect: Comes from Hasdrubal, the name of two generals in the Second Punic War (Rome versus Hannibal of Carthage). Funnily enough, one of them fled to a city at one point.

Archon: Whoops, not Latin. It is in fact Greek. They were nine elected rulery types in Athens.

Wyches: The new Codex is kind enough to give each class of Wych a name. They are the Yraqnae, Lacerai and Hydrae. The first and third have the correct 1st declension (often feminine) ending -ae, and the Yraqnae even roughly parallel the retiarii gladiators, who also fought with tridents and nets.
The second has a wrong ending, but by extension of the word 'lacerate' comes from the verb lacero, to tear.

Hekatrix: A stab in the dark says that either the goddess Hecate or Hecuba, wife of Priam king of Troy, had a hand in this one. And the -trix ending is also a Latiny thing.

So, that's really it for Dark Eldar, unless I find something else. Something else will happen later. Probably. It's really close to my prelims, so no doubt that'll hurt my schedule.