200th Post Celebration Battle Report!

Err...well, sort of. Those of you with brains bigger than peas will realise that there's no way I could have reached such a number in less than a year at my pace of blogging. And you'd be right! This is in fact the 200th post of RulesMan-Bryssling (which I need to make less of an artefact title) when counting everything I absorbed. And it's a battle report of my sort of numbers (1250 points) with a classic opponent ('Scape's Necrons) and an army you haven't seen me play yet...Orks!

It's beside the point that my Ork army still needs work. Scenario was Implacable Advance from Battle Missions, meaning we were playing lengthways across the board rather than the classic setup, and both sides gained Stubborn for all units (a sure boon for the Necrons). The objectives (two penguins and Mega-Emperor, Bryssling's unofficial mascot) were placed at the centre of each table third. Objectives are secured by having a scoring unit within 3" at the end of the turn without having to stay on it all game. Armies were:

Master Bryss' Orks: 1250

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
5 Lootas and 3 Meks with Big Shootas
5 Burnas and 3 Meks with Rokkit Launchas
20 Slugga Boyz with 2 Rokkit Launchas and a Klaw Nob
10 Shoota Boyz with Klaw Nob and Trukk with Red Paint Job
20 Grotz and 2 Runtherds
2 Deffkoptas with two twin Rokkit Launchas and one Buzzsaw
5 Flash Gitz and Kaptin Badrukk

Cyberscape7's Necrons

Overlord-Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs, Phaeron
Royal Court- 2 Harbingers of Transmogrification, 1 Harbinger of Destruction with Gaze of Flame, 1 Harbinger of the Storm with Lightning Field
15 Warriors
14 Warriors
14 Warriors
5 Immortals- Gauss Blasters
3 Tomb Blades- Gauss Blasters, Shadowlooms

The Harbinger of Destruction joined the Immortals, the Harbinger of the Storm joined the 15 Warriors with the Overlord and the identical Harbingers went with the identically numbered squads.


The Orks deployed their entire force, with the SAG joining the Gretchin and the Shoota Boyz starting in their Wartrukk.

The Necrons left the Monolith in reserve, with the Overlord joining the front-and-centre unit with the Harbinger of the Storm as I said earlier.

We rolled a 1 for first turn, meaning the Orks would take it. The Deffkoptas scouted towards the Tomb Blades.

Turn 1.0

The footslogging Boyz and Burnas make a general advance, while the Gitz roll 6" in their Difficult Terrain test. The same pattern repeats with my faster units, with the exception of the Deffkoptas who continue to make a beeline for the Immortals and Tomb Blades.

In the Missing and Inaccuracy Phase, my Bikes and Wartrukk fail to do anything to the rightmost Warrior unit. The SAG does better, rolling up a Strength of 6 and a bang-on pie plate on the centre Warrior unit, scoring 6 kills. Buoyed by an actual success, my Lootas shoot the same unit and score a mighty hit. Shame it's the only one, and 'Scape loses only one more Warrior. One Git and the good Kaptin find themselves in range of the Tomb Blades, and manage to down 2 (never underestimate Da Rippa). In recovery, the Necron side salvages 3 Warriors and 1 Tomb Blade.

The Deffkoptas manage to charge the Immortals... and that's about it. Combat's a draw.

Turn 1.5

The Necrons advance implacably. Wonder where that idea came from?

The Tomb Blades target the Flash Gitz and score 2 Wounds. The Phaeron and his Relentless Brigade target my Warbikers, and leave only the Nob standing with one Wound left. One Tremorstave fails to affect the Biker Nob, the other kills a Grot who wasn't the intended target.

My Koptas win combat 1-nil, but this does no good as the Immortals just gets up again.

Turn 2.0

The Gitz advance 3" through cover, while the Burnas go 5" into it. Even though the Tremorstave aimed at them only killed a nearby Grot, it still hit the Slugga Ladz so they only got to 4ipt (inches per turn). I retreat my injured Biker and move the Wartrukk forward.

In the Miserable Gunmanship Phase, the SAG misses its intended target while the Lootas down 3 Warriors from the Phaeron's unit. The Burna Meks aim for the Tomb Blades and score a hit (woohoo!) but no wounds with their rokkit-on-a-stick-thingies. Badrukk's Murderers do better, killing the unit in a points-inefficient blaze of dakka glory. The other rokkit stikks, the ones in the Boyz mob, fail to affect the Phaeron's unit. The Shoota Boyz, seeing as I only went combat speed this turn, shoot the nearby Greenheads (as I affectionately call 'Scape's green-headed Warrior unit) and down 1, a number matched by their Trukk's usually useless big shoota. Shame that all the Warriors downed this phase got back up.

One of my Koptas takes a wound for the team this round, but I remain in combat, still having scored no wounds.

Turn 2.5

The Monolith is ready to come in, but in a stroke of Orky luck it ends up Misplaced as far from the action as possible. The Greenheads try to jump over a blockade, but roll a top speed of 2ipt and give up. The Warriors guarding the penguin do better, and move at 4ipt towards the conflict.

Despite their earlier failure, some of the Greenheads are in range to attack the Trukk, and shake it. I lose 5 Slugga Boyz to the shooting from the Overlord's unit and a Tremorstave.

The combat is a repeat run of Turn 1.5. One Immortal down for about ten seconds before it gets up.

Ah, it WAS the fat penguin the Necrons were guarding. Gotta love Happy Feet themed objectives.
Turn 3.0

The Gitz move towards table centre, while the Burnas roll the full 6" move in their cover. My Tremorstaved Boyz mob only get 3" of move, while the Shoota Boyz get out their Trukk and move towards the Greenheads. I move the Trukk flat-out to board centre while the Nob gets his mojo back and decides to embark on a suicide mission to the Monolith.
Bother. This is the start of 3, not the end.

In the Why Do I Even Bother Phase, I declare the Waaagh!, which I have next to no use for. The Shoota Boyz down 1 Greenhead, while the Sluggas fleet forward 4" to make up for time lost to tremors. The Flash Gitz target the Phaeron's unit, and down 3 Warriors having rolled a good AP. The rokkits in the Burna unit target the same squad, but miss. Finally, the low-rolling Loota skwad down I Greenhead.

Combat is more substantial this round as I declare two charges; the Sluggas against the Phaeron's unit, and the Shootas against the Greenheads. The existing combat between the Koptas and Immortals doesn't go so well as neither side scores any points.

The Lightning Field rolls up 1 hit that fails to do anything, and I lose 3 Slugga Boyz to the Overlord and Warriors, plus one more by a Boy who fell prey to the Mindshackle Scarabs. I down 7 Warriors with my unit even without the all-misses Power Klaw, but thanks to Stubborn being in play we remain locked. 2 Warriors get up again and rejoin the fray.

The Shoota Boyz win their combat 5-3, thanks to the Power Klaw, but the sides remain locked  and one Warrior rises again.

Turn 3.5

The one unit that can advance does so.

In shooting, I lose the two weakened Flash Gitz to the tremorstave of aforementioned unit.

In combat, it's still nil-nil in the Kopta-Immortal war, 2-1 to me in the Slugga/Warrior combat, with my Nob being mindshackled but missing, and also 2-1 to me in the Shoota/Warrior combat, but both of them get up, unlike the other two I killed.

Turn 4.0

I turbo-boost the Biker to the Monolith and cruise the Trukk closer to the central combat. The Tremored Gitz and Burnas both get a top speed of 2ipt.

My shooting isn't great, with the Gitz not doing anything to the unengaged Warriors, and the Lootas downing 6 but only actually killing 2. The Trukk misses with the big shoota, and the Burnas finally get out of cover.

In combat, I lose a Slugga but wipe out all the Warriors and the Cryptek, leaving the Overlord alone. The Shootas lose 2 and kill 1, stay in combat, and watch as the one Warrior they killed fails his RP. The Immortals lose one of their number (for good this time) and somehow fail their Leadership check, falling back from the finally victorious Koptas.

Turn 4.5

The Immortals rally, and the Monolith, which has been steadily moving towards me all game, pulls them to it with the Dimensional Corridor. The unengaged Warrior unit moves towards my Deffkoptas...

...and shoot them, killing 1 and forcing the other to fall back. The free Immortals kill my Biker Nob.

The Overlord suffers 1 Wound and kills 2 Boyz back. Combat continues. My Shoota Boyz are swept away by Warriors (the shame!).

Turn 5.0

The Kopta falls back some more, while the Gitz and Burnas advance.

The SAG gets fired up again after a few turns of not wanting to risk it, and downs 3 Greenhead Warriors at a steady S6. The Wartrukk even manages to down the squad Cryptek. Finally, the few remaining Warriors in that squad are gunned down by Lootas.

In combat, I charge the Burnas into the Overlord, which proves to be the last straw for the metal man, who loses one wound, kills 2 Boyz and is then killed by Boyz.

Turn 5.5

The Overlord failed his Ever-Living check, but the Cryptek from the Greenhead unit is up and at it again, as all remaining Necron units move to secure Mega-Emperor.

The Monolith finally gets some Gauss Flux Arcs in range, which leaves my Boyz mob with only the Nob surviving with one wound. The rest of the Necron shooting goes at the Burnas, and thanks to a fair few Warriors being in rapid-fire range, they are wiped.

Turn 6.0

The game continues, and the Kopta rallies and turbo-boosts towards the centre. The Flash Gitz also move towards there.

The SAG rolls up S5 and downs 3 Warriors. 3 more are downed by Lootas. 1 more is downed by Gitz, with Badrukk on his down downing 2 more. Incidentally, I rolled two hits and a miss, and decided to expend one of his three Ammo Runts before game end. I re-rolled the miss and got a 1, a worse result than before but at least I was saved by Goldtoof Armour. The Trukk tries downing the solo Cryptek, but fails. 1 Warrior passed the Herbert West test (because it re-animates. Obviously.).

Turn 6.5

The remaining Warriors secure the central objective. Some shooting happens, and I lose my Nob to Flux Arcs and a wound off of one Git. There is a Turn 7.

Turn 7

Right. If I'm to have any hope of winning, I need to secure the centre with the Grot mob. I move them, then roll a full 6" for my Run. Even this fails to get me to centre, and as the game lasted so long we decide to end it there.

Final Score:
Necrons: 2
Orks: 1
Winner: Necrons

That...went better than I thought it would. The Monolith mishap helped an awful lot with that.