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200th Post Celebration Battle Report!

Err...well, sort of. Those of you with brains bigger than peas will realise that there's no way I could have reached such a number in less than a year at my pace of blogging. And you'd be right! This is in fact the 200th post of RulesMan-Bryssling (which I need to make less of an artefact title) when counting everything I absorbed. And it's a battle report of my sort of numbers (1250 points) with a classic opponent ('Scape's Necrons) and an army you haven't seen me play yet...Orks!
It's beside the point that my Ork army still needs work. Scenario was Implacable Advance from Battle Missions, meaning we were playing lengthways across the board rather than the classic setup, and both sides gained Stubborn for all units (a sure boon for the Necrons). The objectives (two penguins and Mega-Emperor, Bryssling's unofficial mascot) were placed at the centre of each table third. Objectives are secured by having a scoring unit within 3" at the end of the turn …

Weekend Silliness: Dark Eldar Car Dangler

Some people have overly large fuzzy dice. Others have that small fairy they bought at Disneyland. Some people have nothing, claiming that these ornaments are silly and distracting. The fools. Everyone knows that small car decorations are a way of setting yourself apart from the mass-produced crowds.

I've been disappointed at the recent lack of hobby posts on RulesMan-Bryssling, so I decided to get back to this. You see, I saw the Raider crew that you're supposed to hang off the edges as pointless and fragile, and decided to find a better purpose for them.

And so, the Dark Eldar Car Dangler. It's really not hard to do. I just built a crewwoman as standard and drilled a small hole through her hairdo roundabout where the hairpin is. I then threaded some thin, err, thread through the hole and wrapped it round one of those sucker things you get with those baskets for hanging up in the shower. A small one, obviously. And then, even more obviously, you put it in your car, like so…

High Gothic For Dummies #6

Previously on High Gothic For Dummies: Tyranids...

Stop looking at me like that, it makes sense in context. Anyway, on with explaining the High Gothic names of Tyranids in...

Hormagaunt: gauntii gladius. This utterly originally means 'sword Gaunt.'
Genestealer: corporaptor hominis. 'Body-Robber of Man,' I guess. Makes sense considering the cults and how they operate. Ymgarl Stealers are just corporaptor ymgarli, 'Body-Robber of Ymgarl.'
Broodlord: Unsuprisingly corporaptor primus, which I surely don't need to spell out.
Lictor: tyranicus chameleo. Since the last word is the genus of chameleons, this means... again, I won't spell it out.
Ripper: minoris omniphagea. Ah, looks like our old mate Classical Greek is interfering. phageo is to devour, so this is essentially a 'Small All-Devourer'. That Greek word got borrowed for the word phage, i.e. bacteria. Which is again incredibly appropriate to Rippers.
Ravener: tyranicus ophidius subterra. Well, the onl…

Weekend Silliness: Caecilius Promethium Vult!

Previously in my ridiculous attempt at a crossover fanfiction... Caecilius inquisitor est. Caecilius hereticum videt. Caecilius est iratus. Caecilius hereticum incenderet. Caecilius est laetissimus. postquam hereticum incenderit, Caecilius erat laetus, sed nunc promethium non habet. "eheu!" inquit, "volo promethium!" subito astartes apparet. "astartes promethium habet...." Caecilius inquit.... And now, the thrilling continuation. ad astartem Caecilius ambulat. "o astartes, quis es tu?" rogat. "ego sum Vulkan." astartes respondet. "ego sum Caecilius inquisitor," Caecilus inquit, "et tuus promethium volo." "minime!" clamat Vulkan. sed Caecilius jokaeronem habet. jokaero armas digitos habet. astartes instantum mortuum acciperet. Caecilius promethium rapet. iterum Caecilius est laetissimus. Word and phrase list (remember, I had to make some of them up): "armas digitos"- digital weapons astartes- Space …

The Lost RulesMan Articles: The Problem with Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Here I go, dredging my archives again. I need to get back to regularity, had Advanced Higher Spanish today and I think it went OK. I know the final speaking is March 20th though... anyway, here's Past Atrotos.

I'm a die-hard 40k player. I love the fluff, the game, the models and all the peripherals (video games, novels etc.). For the most part this attraction and enthusiasm extends to Warhammer Fantasy as well. The lore and background is captivating; fantastic yet dark enough to feel serious. Most of the models are decent with a few units (Dark Eldar Corsairs) really sticking out as exceptional sculpts.
Fantasy even offers quite a few things that 40k does not. Magic is a force to be reckoned with whereas its psychic counterpart is often lackluster. Monsters make great tabletop pieces and there's a mythological/historical quality to the game that's great fodder for escaping "real life" for a few hours.
What follows constitutes the opinion of a single gamer but I …

High Gothic For Dummies #5:

I'd love to update more, but... Final Fantasy XIII-2 says otherwise. Yes, I know it's a divisive entry, but my mindset concerning auto-battle and love of pretty things counters you. Now go back to FiSH or whatever. Today it's Dark Eldar... wait, what? Surely not?

Well, yep. You'd be surprised. There's a small bit in there. I suspect this is because the Dark Eldar are the real Romans of 40k, due to their hierarchies, love of gladiator games and importing exotic wildlife, and beautiful, hilarious love poetry. OK, maybe not the last one.

Asdrubael Vect: Comes from Hasdrubal, the name of two generals in the Second Punic War (Rome versus Hannibal of Carthage). Funnily enough, one of them fled to a city at one point.

Archon: Whoops, not Latin. It is in fact Greek. They were nine elected rulery types in Athens.

Wyches: The new Codex is kind enough to give each class of Wych a name. They are the Yraqnae, Lacerai and Hydrae. The first and third have the correct 1st declension…

'Scape Has A Blog Now!

In some news, my long-term gaming buddy (and practically the only person I ever bat-rep with) Cyberscape7 has obtained himself a blog. And since we had a small game to celebrate me being allowed to terrorise the roads of Britain on my lonesome, I let him bat-rep it.

Here it is.

Yes, I told him to proof-read, but he's new to this, let him settle in. It also marks the official debut of the still-grey Razorwing. It...could have gone better.