Rules Repair: Flayed Ones

It's a universally known fact that Flayed Ones got hit hard. Their unique ability went, their 3+ save went, their initiative went, their fluff credibility went, they lost their wives and children, they were banned from feeding pigeons... the list is endless. But here at RulesMan-Bryssling, we (by which I mean 'I') believe in redemption. So here's my attempt.

What I want to do here is marry the old Flayed One to the new Necron. So I'm going to keep the 4+ save and I2. In fact, I won't change the statline at all. What I will do is one simple thing: bring Terrifying Visage back, and make it a little better. I'm also giving them Move Through Cover back to give them an extra niche over Praetorians/Lychguard. Throw in a few talon options, and we get this:

Necron Flayed One- 16 points per model
Same statline, same unit type, same unit number, same wargear

Special Rules: Reanimation, Infiltrate, Deep Strike, Move Through Cover, Terrifying Visage

Terrifying Visage: Units with at least one model in close combat with Flayed Ones must make a Leadership check at the start of each turn with a penalty of -1. If they fail, all attacks they make against the Flayed Ones hit on 6s regardless of Weapon Skill and special rules.

Options: The entire unit may take:
  • Canoptek Talons...+2 points per model
  • Disruption Field...+1 points per model
Canoptek Talons: A model with Canoptek Talons gains the Rending special rule.

Disruption Field: A model with a Disruption Field has the Entropic Strike special rule, however it will only be successful on a roll of 6.

Standard RulesMan open critique policy applies. Have at it.