Immortals With Warrior Parts Tutorial

Hey. Since I'm going through a modelling phase, I'd like to get it all out of the way before I focus on other stuff. I'm just fickle that way. Today I'll show you how I made five Immortals with gauss blasters after I'd built my Deathmarks.


Ignore the blob of blu-tack, that's just an aid. The weird thing on the far right is the spine from a Warrior back that I cut out. That, the legs and the torso are Warrior parts, the rest Immortal parts. Not shown; a 25mm base. Because I'm sure you possess a degree of common sense. But in case you do not, have this list:

  • Immortal head
  • Immortal back body
  • Immortal gauss blaster and other arm
  • Warrior back body
  • Warrior torso
  • Warrior legs


To assemble the body, glue the two parts together as normal, using Green Stuff or something similar to plug the obvious side gaps. On the Warrior torso, you'll want to cut off most of the part below the neck part, but enough for the head to rest on, otherwise it won't fit well.

 For the spine, cut out the spine from the back Warrior torso with a knife (I used clippers, but that's because I have to, a knife would honestly be better). Then fit it into the gap on the Immortal back.

It's smaller than a conventional spine, but it works. You can now attach this to the legs, so I did that.

And that's pretty much all the legwork done. Simple, right? Now, assemble the rest of the Immortal as normal.

The end model is slightly bulkier than a Warrior and only about 1-2mm smaller than the Deathmarks I built earlier. So far I've built this guy and made the bodies for the other four. My next challenge is sculpting new shoulders for the Tesla Carbine guys I plan to make.