High Gothic For Dummies #4

It's baaack! (High Gothic For Dummies...) Oh wait, no, paraphrasing the Sherlock Holmes musical is a no-go. Anyway, I've neglected this far too long and there's so much more to tell. Then again, I did clearly say it was an irregular series. Today's topic is Imperial Assassins.

As assassins were made up in Ye Earlie Dayes of 40k, they actually have clever Latin names for some temples.

Callidus: This means "skillful or crafty." Not surprising, as they go through the sneaky process of disguising themselves with drugs and then murdering people.

Culexus: I'm afraid this isn't a word. There is culex, meaning "gnat," but I fail to see the significance.

Vindicare: Back on track, this is a verb meaning many things, but it can mean "to avenge or to punish." Not quite sure what that has to with massive rifles mind, but I suppose they do punish their targets for...something. It could also mean "to claim." Claim a target? Who knows?

Eversor: "Destroyer." Considering the life of an Eversor is fight, fight, fight, explode, this is appropriate.

Venenum: It's not too surprising that this means "poison," is it?

Vanus: "Empty, unreliable, false," many meanings, same effect. Ironic considering that this is the intelligence gathering temple.

Exitus Rifle: "Departure, outcome." Not surprisingly, also a euphemism for death. So in effect it's really a Death Rifle.

Animus Speculum: "Spirit Mirror" or "Mind Mirror." Either way, it's a nice name for the Culexus weapon.

Tyranids Part 2 is still in the works, and another lost article too.