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The Lost RulesMan Articles: Designing Rules for Tournaments

Here we are again, with another draft article from Atrotos dredged up from the murky depths of RulesMan.

With the store up and running it's time to consider what our first event will look like. Locally 40k is the most popular tabletop game followed closely by Fantasy and with LOTR trailing but not completely out of the picture. My favorite events are always 40k doubles  - the mixing of two armies combined with low point levels per player makes it more interesting as well as more accessible to those player who are just starting out and don't have 2000 points painted up and ready to go.

In the New England area 2500 point team events are very popular and the TO's in the area are always up to designing some interesting scenarios. However, Adepticon does seem to have heavy influenced design theory when it comes to tournament missions. Mission parameters tend to become heavy reading with deployment and objectives needed paragraph after paragraph to explain. This does add flavor …

High Gothic For Dummies #4

It's baaack! (High Gothic For Dummies...) Oh wait, no, paraphrasing the Sherlock Holmes musical is a no-go. Anyway, I've neglected this far too long and there's so much more to tell. Then again, I did clearly say it was an irregular series. Today's topic is Imperial Assassins.

As assassins were made up in Ye Earlie Dayes of 40k, they actually have clever Latin names for some temples.

Callidus: This means "skillful or crafty." Not surprising, as they go through the sneaky process of disguising themselves with drugs and then murdering people.

Culexus: I'm afraid this isn't a word. There is culex, meaning "gnat," but I fail to see the significance.

Vindicare: Back on track, this is a verb meaning many things, but it can mean "to avenge or to punish." Not quite sure what that has to with massive rifles mind, but I suppose they do punish their targets for...something. It could also mean "to claim." Claim a target? Who knows?


The Lost RulesMan Articles: 40k without... Meltaguns?

When Bryssling inherited the Rules Manufactorum archive, I noticed that there were five posts in draft state. These articles were never completed, and date from different points in the site's history. These are those articles. All of them were originally written by Atrotos.

Recently a friend and I were talking about the validity of the idea that 5th edition, or the "Mech" Edition as it could be called, revolves around the Meltagun. Indeed, we agreed, the plethora of codices can be divided into the melta "have's" and "have not's" with the "have not's" typically being assigned a lower power level that the "have's." No surprise there. With most armies being able to field to 5 - 10 vehicles in a single list and certain  lists containing even more it's easy to see how, say, Daemons don't typically perform as well as IG. It follows that the Meltagun would be the go-to weapon of choice for everyone who can take it e…

Rules Repair: Flayed Ones

It's a universally known fact that Flayed Ones got hit hard. Their unique ability went, their 3+ save went, their initiative went, their fluff credibility went, they lost their wives and children, they were banned from feeding pigeons... the list is endless. But here at RulesMan-Bryssling, we (by which I mean 'I') believe in redemption. So here's my attempt.

What I want to do here is marry the old Flayed One to the new Necron. So I'm going to keep the 4+ save and I2. In fact, I won't change the statline at all. What I will do is one simple thing: bring Terrifying Visage back, and make it a little better. I'm also giving them Move Through Cover back to give them an extra niche over Praetorians/Lychguard. Throw in a few talon options, and we get this:

Necron Flayed One- 16 points per model
Same statline, same unit type, same unit number, same wargear

Special Rules: Reanimation, Infiltrate, Deep Strike, Move Through Cover, Terrifying Visage

Terrifying Visage: Un…

Done Building Immortals!

I finally got round to building the other four Immortals, so here they are.

I've had to make some minor sacrifices in the posing process, but other than that they fit in well with my old metal Immortals.

For the most part I've kept the wiring, although I had to remove it on one model.

The original guy got the best pose, in my opinion. All this building has left me one unit short of a legal 750pt grey army, which depresses me, as I also still have to paint a bunch of DE Heavy Support, and I seem to have next to no free time at the minute.
Anyway, that's probably it for the Necron hobby at the minute. Next time, I'll reinforce that this is still RulesMan-Bryssling by improving the lacklustre Flayed One entry.

Immortals With Warrior Parts Tutorial

Hey. Since I'm going through a modelling phase, I'd like to get it all out of the way before I focus on other stuff. I'm just fickle that way. Today I'll show you how I made five Immortals with gauss blasters after I'd built my Deathmarks.


Ignore the blob of blu-tack, that's just an aid. The weird thing on the far right is the spine from a Warrior back that I cut out. That, the legs and the torso are Warrior parts, the rest Immortal parts. Not shown; a 25mm base. Because I'm sure you possess a degree of common sense. But in case you do not, have this list:

Immortal headImmortal back bodyImmortal gauss blaster and other armWarrior back bodyWarrior torsoWarrior legs

To assemble the body, glue the two parts together as normal, using Green Stuff or something similar to plug the obvious side gaps. On the Warrior torso, you'll want to cut off most of the part below the neck part, but enough for the head to rest on, otherwise it won't fit we…

Magnetised Razorwing (I'm Busy For Once!)

I decided to do absolutely no work at all for the first week of my holidays, so I built a lot. First up is 'Scape's present, the Razorwing.

Oh, and as I promised, I got a new camera. The results are very noticeable.
Here it is with disintegrators. Very simple magnet job, although I cocked up a bit and now the right gun points down the way. Ah well. I also have an ingenious missile swap-out system.

What? It works really well. Why on earth should I have to faff around with magnets all the time? Still to come, Immortals, Deathmarks and a picture bat-rep.

Top Bryss Reviews the Necron Barge Kit

Tonight, Felix survives a week with no tea, 'Scape does a job, and I finally remove the last of the tinsel from my face...
I think you know the formula by now. Hello, and Top Bryss! Tonight, we're reviewing our second Necron kit, the Barge, a sort of sports version of the Ark people carrier. Let's see how I got on.
First impressions are good. The kit uses the new-ish GW gimmick of giving you a plastic HQ, which means that technically, using standard plastic blister price, you pay £8 for the Lord and £12.50 for his Barge. By normal GW standards, this is literally winning the lottery. In even better news, the kit can swap between configurations with no need to fiddle around with magnets, giving you two good units in one. That's like having a threesome with Keira Knightley and, err (searches the Clarkson archives), Cameron Diaz.
Unfortunately, unlike with threesomes, you first have to go through the laborious process of building the things. Now, by normal stand…

Happy New Year!

I'm back! And only one hour and seven-ish minutes into the new year. Hell, even got a new blogging camera.

Anyway, I used my absence wisely. I started Skyward Sword. I built the Razorwing and magnetised the wing weapons. I built Deathmarks and a Barge. Basically, I gave myself more work to do. And there seems to be something up with my 's' key...

I WILL reboot High Gothic and that soon. But first, a model review of the Barge kit. And then... who knows? This is RulesMan-Bryssling. Anything could happen.