RM:The Eulogy

We are gathered here today to pay respects to a short, but bright, project. Launched with a single forum post and a name that didn't exactly roll off the tongue until I realised it could be shortened to RulesMan, Rules Manufactorum's early days were those of two authors (one of whom communicated through the other until eventually gaining the ability to post himself) putting out unit and character entries. And I'd like to think we were semi-decent at, gathering a slew of entries and a design competition.

However, even by this point the differences between the two of us were clear. As is so often the case, one author dealt with the events of adult life, getting married and getting a new business off the ground, while the other, still going through the much lighter pain of the Scottish education system, had more time to write. But that didn't really matter, as we still had decent, quality output. The student author learned to write proper articles as well as unit entries, and from this sprung a multitude of series, the most successful among them the Top Bryss and Hints for Homebrew posts.

Cracks began to show a few months ago, when the strains of running a business took up more and more of one author's time. A brief rally was issued and a reboot attempted, but ultimately we failed. Which brings us to now.

I've always thought of RulesMan as the European Union of 40k custom rules. Now, as in real life, Greece has its own problems to deal with, and since that makes me Britain, I should be distancing myself. But that's not exactly what's going to happen.

As my last gesture to such a great project, a project that allowed me to become the author I am today, RulesMan is to be merged with the project it inspired, creating one blog by the formal name of Casual Rules Bryssling of a Ruthless Mind Manufactorum, or RulesMan-Bryssling for short. The content I would normally put into this will now go into Bryssling, with the optimistic aim of creating one of the best truly all-round hobby blogs out there (sort of like Galaxy In Flames but with more Latin).

It's been an honour sailing with all of you. Especially Sabreau, Ahrimaneus, Max, and of course Atrotos, who started the whole thing.

I hope to see you all on the other side, and a Merry Christmas to everyone.