Read and Respond: NINO Part 2

We now come to the unit reviews, which is good because I'm sick of the whole 'attack the fluff' tangent. But before that, we need to talk about special rules.

The article goes first to Reanimation, and mentions how much worse it is than FNP at negating massed fire. I'm of the opinion that FNP is a better representation of resilience than it is reanimation, and besides, Nurgle and BA already cover that niche. What annoys me about RP is more along the line of this. In the olden days, you got WBB of 4+ to anyone equal to or weaker than the Plasma Gun. For the reduction to 5+ we can now get back from Battle Cannons, Krak Missiles, etc. Which is great and all, but I would be happy with just relying on cover. We also now get up from power weapons, which would be great if we weren't all dead by thd point of resurrection. Overall, I agree.

Ever-Living needs clarification. I'd like it to be some kind of backup system for when the character is on his own, but that's wishful thinking. Agreed. Likewise agreed on Entropic Strike.

The Living Metal bit is a whine about Monoliths not being uber again. Necron players have to resign themselves to accepting that old Living Metal was a relic of a bygone age. Plus, this only really weakens us substantially at 24", where all of our firepower is. All this tells us is that we actually have to take care of our vehicles now. Next is unit reviews.

Overlord:  The author is ambiguous as to his view, but to me, he's worse than the old Lord. Yes, he's 10 cheaper, but for that he lost his power weapon and I4. This makes him either an overly expensive Crytek key, an overly expensive unit buff, or a combat guy who can't move very fast. Once I convert Zahndrekh, I'll hardly ever consider this guy, as the Nemesor is better value.

Destroyer Lord: Believed to be OK, I would be tempted to trial it with its old mate the Wraith again. Shame about the cost.

Necron Lord: A lot is made of how useless they are, however the Res Orb is never mentioned. Why not? It's the main plus of this unit. The other use it has is as a Warscythe in a Lychguard unit.

Cryptek: These get a positive reaction, which is good as I wouldn't be happy if it didn't. This unit single-handedly improved Warrior utility and the value of old Pariahs.

Warriors: It is claimed they have no special weapons. They do, they're called Crypteks. Think outside the box, authorguy.

Immortals: The author spent a lot of the Warrior paragraph complaining about how he preferred the old Warriors. Well, here they are. Shame he dwells on the Gauss Blaster nerf. Admittedly, I agree that I would have liked something like the old Immortals in the Elites slot (why Ward didn't use Prryhic Eternals for this I don't get), but I like these guys.

Lychguard: Here described as best used as a tarpit. Agreed, although they're strong enough to comfortably wail on things weaker than them also.

Deathmarks: The author doesn't like them. He then goes on again about how Necrons can't kill vehicles. How many times must I state that destruction is NOT the be-all and end-all of anti-tank?

Flayed Ones: Again, these are disliked. Before the 'Dex, my thoughts were that these 'bots would retain Infiltrate and lose all other rules and become Troops at a cheaper price. Ward went halfway, but failed to make this unit Troops. Even though they look like Troops.

Triarch Praetorians: The author prefers these slighly to Lychguard. I don't get this, but maybe they're half decent with casters and voidblades. I'd have to test.

C'tan: Mentioned in passing, this is an expensive toy. That said, with a bit of luck even its death could be a boon. The authors prefers them over the T5 combat guys, but forgets to mention how much heavier an investment it is.

Tomb Blades: The more I hear about them, the friendlier I become to them. The author agrees with T'Leeks regardling the Shadowloom/Particle Beamer configuration. Maybe these really are worth a punt, albeit only in an expensive configuration. And they'll probably be £14 for 1...

Destroyers:  Nerfed and hence disliked. An easy agreement. Also agreed on the Heavy D point.

Canoptek Units. All of Them: Believed to be improved. Another easy agreement. The only bad point is the loss of 2+ Boost Cover. I too will miss this, but we must carry on with our new 12" assault move.

Apparently, vehicles is next. So I'll be back to that soon.

But last of all, a briefer version of an announcement that I haven't made yet. I'm sorry to report that RM is dead. I'll write the eulogy tomorrow.