On Friday 9th December, I received another communique from Our Glorious Founder. The strains of real life and running a business are too much for him, and so he feels he's ready to call it a day for good. Again.

I'm utterly convinced he means it, and so that leaves me in the same position I was a few months ago. My options are the same as last time, keep the blog or merge it with Bryssling. It's becoming increasingly likely that I'm going to do the latter, with the aim of having one blog that updates more regularly than two seperate ones.

As you can probably tell by the abruptness, I'm no good at this sort of thing. I do intend to write a proper eulogy within the next week, hopefully before I sit my practical driving test on Friday.

I'm not going to go into all the 'It's been so amazing to...' stuff until the eulogy. See you then, I suppose.


abusepuppy said…
Sad to hear, but, given the slow update speed of the site, not entirely surprising. Will there be attempts to bring closure to the active contests, etc, or it just going to be cut where it stands?
James Barr said…
Well shucks.  I never used any of the stuff presented here in games, but I enjoyed seeing them. 
Master_Bryss said…
I haven't a clue, as I wasn't involved in that. It's highly likely that they'll be cut though.